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Composition 1

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Perfection through repetition.

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Mini-Research Papers

Structuring Research

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Tracking sheets 1 and 2

Researching News Media

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Tracking sheets 3 and 4

Researching Non-profits & Gov't sites

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Tracking sheets 5 and 6

Researching Peer-Reviewed Journals

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Tracking sheets 7 and 8

Researching Peer-Reviewed Journals, part II

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Tracking sheets 9 and 10

Researching E-books and Theories

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Annotated Bibliography

Researching Peer-Reviewed Journals, part II

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MLA Research Paper

Writing the MLA Paper

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APA Research Paper

Translating MLA into APA

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Presentation or 25 Hours

Presenting the MLA paper or submitting 25 hours of service