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We all need a sabbath

  • Secular or religious, a Sabbath is not about rest, but about rejuvenation.
  • Whether due to religious observance or secular lifestyle, we all need a sabbath
  • Think now when your next full day break is.
  • An approaching holiday? Christmas? Spring Break? Summer?
  • The end of the semester?
  • Those are too far away and you'll burn yourself out.

What is a sabbath?

  • In many religions, the Godhead rested from creating creation and therefore adherents are to rest as well.
  • What is supposed to happen on a sabbath is NO CREATIVE WORK. NO PRODUCTIVE WORK.
  • Sabbaths are to be a time of fellowship with family and friends, of rejuvenation, of introspection.
  • Sabbaths are weekly, and usually cover 24 hours. The Sabbath itself is a sanctuary which we build, a sanctuary in time. (29)
  • In the Jewish faith, a sabbath runs from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday, EVERY WEEK.
  • If your life is far too filled for a 24 hour sabbath, then choose an increment of time you can have, such as 8 hours on a Friday, or 12 hours on a Sunday.
  • Find that time frame and stick to that same time frame EVERY WEEK

Why take a sabbath?

    8 Different Types of Burnout:
    1. Mental Burnout: "My mind can't process anymore; it's fried."
    2. Emotional Burnout: "These heavy or anxious emotions are exhausting!"
    3. Compassion Burnout: "I can't hold anymore loving space for anyone else; I'm tapped."
    4. Relational Burnout: "I've been over-giving to others, my organization or my community/family, and I am over it."
    5. Survival Burnout: "I'm exhausted from trying to make ends meet and stay afloat."
    6. Atlas Burnout: "The weight of taking on so much is too much; I can't hold it all anymore."
    7. Passion Burnout: "I love what I do, but I've given too much, and I've pushed myself too hard."
    8. Physical Burnout: My body is fighting against me; I have depleted my life force."
  • If you know, every moment of every day, that a full day of rest is coming in 6 days... 5 days... 4 days... etc, you can push yourself harder in the week to be more efficient and to get more done.
  • As you'll see, after a day of real Sabbath rest, you'll hit the grounding running hard. Refreshed, rejuvenated, revitalized, both mentally and physically.

You are a horrible procrastinator

  • It's not altogether bad that you procrastinate (which is sometimes the mind needing a rest from the stresses)
  • You are horrible at procrastinating because when you are playing that video game, your mind keeps thinking: "I should be studying". You're not even enjoying yourself!
  • When you are studying, you are thinking "I'd rather be playing that video game"
  • A sabbath helps relieve the guilt of NOT doing something, of NOT getting something done.

When on your sabbath...

"The Sabbath is not an occasion for diversion or frivolity; not a day to shoot fireworks or turn somersaults, but an opportunity to mend our tattered lives; to collect rather than to dissipate time. . . . the Sabbath is not dedicated exclusively to spiritual goals. It is a day of the soul as well as the body; comfort and pleasure are an integral part of the Sabbath observance" (Heschel 18,19).

  • Go to your house of worship if you are religious.
  • Go out to nature or the beach if that is your place of solace.
  • If you gain energy from solitude, sequester yourself in your room.
  • If you gain energy being around other people, it is time for communion with others, connections to other people, and alignment with yourself.
  • Have a barbecue, meet with friends, play with your kids.
  • DO NOT DO ANYTHING THAT IS PRODUCTIVE: no cleaning, no yard work, no organizing, no shopping...don't even THINK about what you need to do.
  • The ONLY "work" you can do is to help the sick, the elderly, or small children.

When the sabbath ends...

  • It's over!
  • Done is done, back to work, to productivity, to accomplishments
  • Some nights of the week may result in so very little sleep and very little leisure because there is too much that needs done.
  • Know that the next sabbath is quickly approaching in 6 days,
  • 5 days,
  • 4 days,
  • 3 days,
  • 2 days,
  • 1 day.

Do NOT ever skip a sabbath

  • The most important day is not the six others where you are productive every moment.
  • The most important day is the sabbath.
  • Do not skip a sabbath either because you are too busy or feel as if you don't deserve one.

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