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Annotated Bibliography


  • To compose an MLA Annotated Bibliography from 10 sources.


  1. Place all of your writing from every tracking sheet into one word document.
  2. The Annotated Bibliography document must be clean of all hidden section boxes and odd formatting.
    • After you've pasted all of the information from the tracking sheets into that one Annotated Bibliography document, clear the formatting.
    • Highlight everything
    • Click on Clear All Formatting

  3. Title
    • Center the words Annotated Bibliography
  4. Format the Document
      • Use the same MLA formatting as the formatting assignment.
      • Except, everything after the title must have a half inch (.5) hanging indent like a works cited page.
      • There is no masthead like in the formatting assignment.
      • Your Lastname and page number go in the upper right, like in the formatting assignment
    • Citations: Format the Citations
      • Open Valencia MLA
      • Find the appropriate source citation: Article on a Website, Database Name, etc.
      • For TS 9, see Level 6.
      • Scrutinize every detail: capitalization, quote marks, italics, commas, etc.
      • Despite what Valencia shows, list ALL of the authors names in the citation.
      • Note how only the first author has their name backwards.
    • Annotations
      • Annotations begin immediately after citations; see the example annotated bibliography
      • Do not intentionally break the line and drop the annotation down below the citation. (It is OK if that drop down occurs because the citation ends at the end of a line)

    • Alphabetize the Ten Sources.
      • Alphabetize by whatever word is hanging in the left margin.
      • If the first word is A, An, or The, then the citation must be alphabetized by the next word in the citation.
    • Annotations: Names of Sources
      • In the annotations, make sure that every article title, journal name, and website name is formatted IN your writing exactly like they are formatted in the citations.
      • If the words have "quote marks" in the citation, those words get "quote marks" IN your writing.
      • If italicized in the citation, italicize those words IN your writing.
    • Annotations: Names of Authors.
      • Do not say he, she, or they.
      • Use people's names.
      • In your writing, use only their last names.
      • If you have more than two authors' names, use et al.
      • Example: Smith et al. discuss the various...
    • Remove pus.
      • I am a professor, not an editor [insert cackling]
      • I intentionally did not mark every pus word that you had in your Tracking Sheets.
      • Double check every annotation for pus words...because I will be [Insert cackling, again]
    • Submit the Annotated Bibliography