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Tracking Sheet 1 & 2

These are the names of the assignments for your
word document's file names

Sources for TS 1 & 2

  • Authored articles on a website


  • To record information about sources for the MLA paper.

Before you begin doing research

You'll need a topic

In my Composition 1, everyone volunteers for 10 hours a semester, does research about the organization with which they volunteer, and writes ans MLA Research paper on that research: however, since the school is closed, volunteering in-person has been put on hold.

We will still be following that schema minus the actual volunteer hours.

Before you can do research, you'll need to choose a volunteer site (even though you won't be volunteering.) This volunteer site, though, must have a broader theme, and you have to check with me before starting the research to clarify that broader theme. The following are examples of service sites and their broader themes:

  • SPCA
    • Animal Rights or Animal Welfare
  • Women's Center
    • Domestic violence
  • Brevard History Museum
    • Historical Preservation.
  • Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge
    • Nature Conservation
  • Computers for Advancing Education
    • The Digital Divide
  • Child Care/ elementary schools
    • Child Development
  • Assisting teams, at parks or at schools
    • Youth Coaching
  • and many, many, many more

The Center for Service Learning at the College has a directory with a complete list of volunteer sites.

  • If I say no to your choice, it's because that broader theme is not really a theme but an overarching area of life, and the theme will be too massive to work with.
  • For instance, volunteering at the hospital is ... health? Medicine? either of those are too broad of a term.
  • Health can cover anywhere from nutrition to exercise, from mental health to physical health, from health insurance to vitamins.
  • However, search any of those broader themes in the bulleted list above and you'll mostly find that idea.

Process to pick a place

  1. If you were volunteering somewhere in the past, you could choose that place.
    • Contact me in the
      ClassroomDiscord room
      to discuss your choice.
    • We must come to an agreement as to what the broader theme is.
  2. Find an organization that aligns with your future career goals or current interests.
    • You can use the link to the directory with a complete list to find one.
    • Page 3 of the directory has an index that's sorted by type of organization, such as Animal Care, Child Care, Crisis Care, Community Development, etc
  3. Talk to others about where they may have volunteered or what organizations they are aware of.
  4. Have a conversation in the Classroom with Matt or me so we can help match you to a service site.

Now that you have your Broader theme

Here's the process of Tracking Sheets

  1. Find and read an authored article on a website that concerns your broader theme.
  2. Open a blank Word document and save that document as annotatedbibliography.docx
  3. Download the Tracking Sheet
  4. Open Valencia MLA
  5. Look at the citation on Valencia to determine what should be written in the top portion of the Tracking Sheet.
  6. Type your answers into the document you named annotatedbibliography.docx.
  7. Copy and paste all of your answers from that annotatedbibliography.docx document into the Tracking Sheet.
  8. Save and close annotatedbibliography.docx so you can add more data to this file with each tracking sheet 1 - 10.
  9. In the MAIN CONTAINER, begin with these words The website Web Site Name goes here...
  10. In the SECOND CONTAINER begin with these words: The article "Article Name goes here" ...
  11. Submit the Tracking Sheet by email.
  12. Submit only one Tracking Sheet per email.
  13. Rewrite as needed until Stamped.


  • No pus words.
  • Do not plagiarize. Use your own words
  • If your quoted passage was already quoted in the article (the author quoted somebody else), you will need to indicate as such in your lead-in sentence. Below is an example of Susan Gomez quoting Joe Smith in her article, and you are using Joe Smith's quoted words:
    • Joe Smith, in Susan Gomez's article "Blah de Blah," suggests we should choose words carefully: "Garbley garble garble garbley garble"
  • Spelling counts
    • This is also a training to have you test if a spell checker is active on any digital platform (college application sites, job application sites, pdfs for job aps, etc)
    • The Tracking Sheet will not spell check for you
    • If you use a a word that Word would have flagged as incorrectly spelled, I will return the tracking sheet with the word SPELLING in the file name.
  • Later in the term, after all 10 Tracking Sheets, you'll be collating all of the Tracking Sheets into one document for the Annotated Bibliography assignment.
    • At some point, you will be copying and pasting all of the information in the Tracking Sheets.
    • You can copy and paste every Tracking Sheet as you complete them and have all that information in one document, annotatedbibliogrpahy.docx, for later in the term.
    • Or, you can attempt to spell correctly in all the Tracking Sheets, and then later in the term you can sit down and copy and paste all that data from all 10 Tracking Sheets.

      Visual instructions for the Tracking Sheets

      Click on pic for bigger image  Visual instructions for the Tracking Sheets