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Counter-Intuitive existence


Spring 2021

Tuesday 5:30pm


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The Bones


Areas of Our Study

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Alpha and Omega: Philosophy

Ants crawling on D.N.A. strand
All disciplines, all sciences, all psychologies, all thoughts,
all ideas, all words...EVERYTHING...Ends at Philosophy

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Bloomin' Onions

Shrek onions have layers

Being Smart, Not Right, with Bloom's Taxonomy
and Multi-layered Matrices of Thought

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The Cave and the Cliff

Sunshine through Cave

Plato's Prison of a Cave and Sartre's Fear of the Unknown

Ascend hereAscend here

The Chair and the Brick

Philosophers in discussion

Ancient Cosmologies of Plato's Forms and Aristotle's Entelechy

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Cosmology, a Demon, and Free Will

Thanos from Marvel

No past, no future, all is known, you have no choice

You have opened this box before


Calvin and Hobbs comic strip
Calvin and Hobbs comic strip

You can be right and wrong at the same time

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Fauxcault vs. Foucault

Medical reflex tester and hammer

SJW vs. Activist: -isms, -ologies, and -sophies.

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The Four Desires and the Four Idols


 Bertrand and Bacon

Bertrand and Bacon (Mmmm...Bacon.)

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Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

ren and stimpy

Seneca, Stoicism, Happiness

Be Happy

Inverting One's Intuition



Enter through a window here

Two Ways to Dream

 lady in desert surronded by seashells

Romanticism and Surrealism: Disney and Dali

(A version with more modern music)

Drink this

Welcome to... The Desert of the ...


Zizek, Ideology, Language Codes, and Zizek,
Ideology, Language Codes, and Hyperreality

You already know what to do with this

"What an A$$hole!"

A Hole No More

Why you know nothing and neither does Socrates

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