Course Grade

To obtain a/an

  • A Grade:
    • Need 9 assignment points.
  • B Grade:
    • Need 8 assignment points.
  • C Grade:
    • Need 7 assignment points.

Assignment grades

  • There will be 10 possible assignment points (sometimes more)
  • All assignments are pass/redo
  • When you pass an assignment, you earned the associated points.
  • Most assignments are worth 1 point each.
  • Some weekend or even week-long (7 day) assignments will be worth 2 or 3 assignment points.
  • Once you have accumulated the needed number of passed assignments to achieve the grade you want, you need not do any more assignments.

Assignment Due Dates

  • Assignments must be submitted before the next Live Online class time.
  • Because you do not need to do all of the assignments to get an A, I will NOT be accepting late work for Philosophy.

Rewrites and Expiration

  • From the day I return an assignment for a rewrite, that rewrite is due before the next Live Online class time.
  • Depending on how much needs re-written, I may hold back a rewrite from you until you have adequate time.
    • For instance: You turn in a paper on a Tuesday, and I realize the assignment missed the objectives and will basically have to be done from scratch. If I send it back for a rewrite on Wednesday, that gives you only a day to fix it.
    • I may hold that paper and send it back after Thursday's class so that you will have 4 days to work on it.
    • If the paper has some egregious errors which can be quickly fixed in a short time, I will send it back with only a day to fix the problems.
  • Rewrite
    • after rewrite
      • continues on and on

    until I met your inner Loki
    Or your inner Cap.

No Schedule

There are no schedules for readings or assignments

  • This course uses an organic structure.
  • The topic for each class time will be made available on the main page either right before or at the start of class.
  • The aim of this last-minute impromptu and organic nature of the course is to help you apprehend the concepts rather than simply comprehend them.


  • If you miss the Live Online in-class lesson of an assignment, you cannot turn in/ pass that assignment.
  • For absentees, I do not cover a subject/lesson outside of the one time I cover it in class.
  • If you were in-class for the discussion, but still unclear about the topics or assignments, I will certainly help you.
  • Missing classes will most likely result in a lower ratio of weekly assignments completed and could alter your grade.

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