• Need to present (not read) your presentation
  • Need to listen to 75% of the other presentations that will be given in the class
  1. Structure
    • A Title Page will be the first page, and a References page will be the last page
      • Introduction
      • Early Life
      • Education
      • Career/job
      • Publications/Videos
      • Idea or Concept
  2. Words per frame
    • No less than 5 words; no more than 30 words
  3. Bullets
    • Only use bullets if you have more than one item in a list
    • Do not center the text with bullets; bullets should be vertically in a line.
    • DO NOT use hyphens as bullets: Use hyphens only to connect two words
    • Any quotes must be on their own slides.
    • Read the quote word for word to us.
    • No need for images on Quote slides
  5. No full sentences
    • Use fragmented bullet points
    • (except for quote slides, which need to be full sentences and quotes)
  6. No Reading at us
    • The only time you should, and must, read is on the quote slides
  7. Subheads
    • Each frame should have a subhead
  8. Counter
    • Create a counter for each page
      • Example
      • such as 1/15 2/15 etc. or pg.1 of 15 pg.2 of 15 etc.
  9. Font sizes and colors
    • 2/2 rule
    • At all times try to restrict font types to one or two types throughout the powerpoint
    • At all times try to restrict color of fonts to one or two colors throughout the powerpoint
  10. Images
    • Images must pertain to the subject or theory of the slide
    • Every frame must have one image, either as part of the template or as an embedded image.
    • Do not use the same image for every slide; if your template is the same image, you'll need unique images for each slide
  11. Sound effects
    • None. Don't use them.
    • You may use videos with sound
  12. Spelling
    • Spelling errors for words that powerpoint would have caught with its spellchecker
  13. Clarity of text
    • Post-It Note Test
      • Hold a 3" x 3" Post-It note at arm's length and step back from your PC until the Post-It is the same size as the screen. If you cannot read the screen clearly, the font size or font color (compared to the background) needs changed.
  14. People's Names