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Counter-Intuitive Thinking

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Pre-Socratic Philosopher The idea that was not supernatural, but natural
Thales Water
Anaximander the unlimited
Anaximenes air
Pythagoras numbers
Heraclitus fire/Change
Empedocles all four elements
Anaxagoras Nous
Democritus atoms

Counter-intuitive examples

  • Describe yourself, not physical appearance
  • Describe dolphins, not physical appearance
  • According to parents or teachers, how often should you be reading the news and why do they suggest you should?
  • Discuss the role of reasoning in creativity.
  • Discuss your position on people taking food selfies and posting them
  • What is your advice to others about having a good work ethic at a job.

Conflicts in counter-intuitive thinking

  1. Seeking AN answer (as if there must be one), or the right/correct answer--the answer that will get a kudos. These are mechanisms of feeling that compel us to seek MORE intuition rather than understanding the counter-intuitive.
  2. The dunning kruger of learning a new philosophy and not understanding how it fits with other ideas--thinking it's just unnecessarily deep, verbose or mouthy.

Articles using Counter Intuitive

Counter-intuitive examples

Conceptual trajectories

A counter-intuitive view of one's life
  • Think about your car.
  • It might be an "ego" boost. It might make you feel better, like you achieved some status by having it, but that's pyschologizing stuff.
  • Think about the concepts of that car. Freedom. Control (over part of your life). Opportunity (such as by having the car you can be more expansive in where you work, who you date, where or even if you can go to school.) Those are concepts, and while some political or religious ideologies may also use those concepts, a car is not inherently a political or religious affirmation of belief.
  • If I asked you to write a paper about the conceptual trajectory of your car, that's what you 'd write about. freedom. control, opportunity.
  • This is not some literary exercise about symbols or what represents what. The car does not represent these concepts. The car is not a symbol of those ideas. The car IS freedom. it is control. it is opportunity.
  • If you have a pet, you can show it off on social media. It can be some sort of attention seeking ego boost, which is psychological. However, ask what the concepts of the pet are.
  • Security for the home? companionship when lonely? a focus for your attention and thoughts when life becomes too overbearing? A being of mutual love and devotion? Those are concepts, and while some political or religious ideologies may also use those concepts, the pet is not inherently part of religious or political ideologies.
  • What about your phone? What concepts does it have? Connectivity with friends and family? information access? efficiency in the sense of a diary/alarm clock reminder? While you can use your phone to access political or religious ideologies, the phone itself is not inherently a political or religious item.
  • What about you?
  • How would you describe yourself as a Conceptual Trajectory?