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Design a Poster

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What is postering

Create a Poster: Design 101

  • Layout and design can take years of course work and practice to master.
  • Layout and Design is NEVER about what looks cool.
  • The overarching principle for a poster should be that every element (text, image and graphic) must have a REASON for its placement, orientation, color, and alignment.
  • You'll need an abstracted overarching concept to be the arbiter of all your creative decisions.
  • Above all, learn to let go. Just because you initially found a font type or image or layout enticing does NOT mean the poster should stay that way.
  • Intuition is never part of the process in layout and design.
    • In Ann's Progression, below, she desperately wanted the phrase "Behavior is highly influenced by the perception of threat"
    • It doesn't seem to work but she really really wants it; by the fourth draft, and the phrase just being clunky, it finally vanishes from the poster.
    • She let it go.
    • In the fifth draft she had an insight as to where it could properly go.

Examples of Abstracted concepts

  • Kristina's Angular Order.
  • The angles are recursive across layers

Constantly revising/tweaking

  • Making a good poster depends on tweaking every single aspect of the poster, down to the pixel movement of elements.
  • This is an animation of Ann's first draft transitioning to the final version.

  • Below, closely look at the intricate changes that transformed the first draft to the final draft


  1. Choose images
  2. Choose a color scheme from the images
    • Once you select a color scheme, download the image it's on, place the image in your power point, and you can use the eyedropper to select the color.

  3. Choose font types

The Poster Template

  • Do not-- Do Not-- DO NOT ever use a template that power point provides.
  • DON'T!
  • EVER!
  • (not kidding, seriously just never)
  • Here's your template:
    • In powerpoint, set your blank slide size to 48" wide and 36" high.
  • (If you have an older Power point program that will not enlarge to that size, use 36" x 27")

Poster Examples

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Example 4

Example 5

Example 6

Example 7

Example 8