This is the name of the assignment for your
word document's file name


  • To learn the one and only correct format of a paper.


  1. Open Word
    • As an EFSC student, you have free access to download the whole Office suite, including Word
    • You can find directions on downloading Office here
  2. Open, copy, and paste
    the lorem ipsum lorem text, a fake Latin, helps developers see what a page with text will look like.
    text on this page into Word.
  3. Follow the MLA Criteria, listed below, to format the paper.
    • If you are unfamiliar with Word, use this site to help.
    • Or Google this: how to format an mla paper in word.
  4. See below for images of what a formatted paper should look like.
  5. Scrutinize every word, style, and punctuation in the Works Cited page to make sure yours is exactly like the example below.
  6. Once the paper is formatted, send it to me.

MLA Format Criteria:

  • Font-type: Times New Roman
  • Font-Size: only 12 point
  • Indents: first line of each paragraph of the body indents 1/2" (not five space bar clicks)
  • Spacing: Double space every line in the paper (no more, no less)
    • Word sets extra spacing after paragraphs; highlight all, right click, choose paragraphs,and set Spacing after Paragraphs to zero.
  • Margins: 1" from all sides
  • No Bold
  • No Underlines
  • No exclamation marks--EVER!!!!!!!!

Latin Text for formatting page 1
Latin Text for formatting page 2
Works cited for formatting

How to format the Works Cited page Hanging indents