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Stage 8

Design a Presentation

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The Three Babblings

  • Over three weeks, you'll need to babble for 5, then 10, then 15 minutes.
    1. 5-minute babble: You may just use your poster image as a backdrop
    2. 10-minute babble: You'll need a fully outlined powerpoint where each slide may have minimal text and imagery.
    3. 15-minute babble: Should be a complete power point that would only need final tweaking.

Design 101: The Presentation

  1. Review all design concepts from Stage 7 (Create a Poster)
  2. The KEY to a good presentation is movement.
    • It's all about movement.
    • "Movement is life" --World War Z
    • People will last only about 4 seconds waiting for a website to load, and if it doesn't load by then, they'll move on.
    • Movement has to happen every 5 - 10 seconds in your presentation.
      • A slide changes
      • Text appears/disappears
      • Images appear/disappear
  3. Control the flow of words on screen
    • No more than 30 words on screen at any time
    • When words appear, discuss those words.
    • People WILL read ahead rather than listen to you talk, so control text flow.
  4. All text must be bulleted and fragmented
    • No full sentences
    • You should be able to speak 1-3 sentences per bullet point.
    • However, quoted material must be on screen word-for-word and read outloud word-for-word
  5. Have an image on every slide
    • Images keep the audience focused
    • Images keep their eyes off of you
  6. If using Graphs and/or Tables
    • Explain Graphs and/or Tables the MOMENT they appear.
    • Don't wait.
  7. Sources (at least 1 per minute)
    • You should be quoting or paraphrasing sources at least once per minute

Template for the Presentation with Examples

  • We use a flowing table of contents (TOC) for all presentations.
  • The TOC is on every page after the title and informs the viewer of
    • What was discussed
    • What is being discussed
    • And what is next

  • Left Side TOC

  • Enumerated Left Side TOC on title slide

  • Enumerated Left Side TOC in presentation

  • Right Side TOC
  • (Layout: Usually TOCs are on the left; she chose right-side because many asian languages are traditionally written top-down right-to-left)

  • Bottom TOC / Title slide
  • Bottom TOC in presentation
  • (Creates a conceit of a desktop and uses the "taskbar" as a TOC)