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Write an Abstract

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What's an Abstract

  • An abstract is summation of your research.
  • Abstracts, typically, are either descriptive OR informative.
  • We are writing informative abstracts, which are about 200-300 words long.
  • Spoken outloud, an abstract lets you say as much as possible in 90 seconds.
  • Abstracts are NOT summaries
  • A real Summary would be much longer and include many sub-points as well as more specific data.
  • Reading an abstract allows a research lead, or a conference chair, or a senior thesis advisor, or a graduate chair (for a master's or a PhD) to determine if you have an original idea or if you might be reinventing an idea that's already been done.

Template for the Abstract

Former Examples of Abstracts?

  • Download former PCA-submitted abstracts

Creating a title

  • A good title should have two parts: a creative part and a descriptive part.
  • The Creative part is usually intriguing, or humorous, or allusive. (Below, the creative parts are in bold)
  • The Descriptive part is your thesis expressed as a sentence fragment.


(excitable and raises questions without asking questions)
  • Translator, Traitor: Translational Injustices in The Three-Body Problem and other Emerging Chinese Science Fiction
    • Who is the traitor? Why are they a traitor? Because they translated something?
  • "Monika Deleted My Title": The Immersive ARGs and RPGs That Redefine Fantasy Horror Entertainment
    • Wait...who's Monika, and which title did she delete? and why is she deleting stuff that's not hers


(word play/ puns)
  • FunKo POPed the Nerd Culture: How Contemporary Nerd Culture Uses Obscure Characters to Maintain Their Status
    • Funko POP toys; Funko "POPed" the nerd culture...ah, i get it.
  • Let’s Talk Over Some Coco: Culturally-infused Concepts of Death and Dying in Children Fantasy Narratives from Coco to Kena: Bridge of Spirits.
    • Ooohhh, like having a cup of cocoa, but she used the film Coco. ah-ha.


(Alludes to other narratives or widely known ideas)
  • It’s Dangerous to Go Alone, Take Someone with You: The Rise of Squad Mechanics and Simulated Social Trust in Mass Effect: Andromeda and The Outer Worlds
    • Ah, a play on the Zelda sign/warning. So...this is about video games.
  • I Kissed Purity Culture Goodbye: Western Purity Culture and The Handmaid’s Tale, The Testaments, and Hulu’s Serial Pure
    • This one alludes to and spins the title of a book: I Kissed Dating Goodbye
    • If unknown to the reader, then this one would be more like an Intriguing title than an Allusive title.