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Level 4

Devices, Master Plots, Genres


  • Problematizing Genres
    1. What are genres?
    2. Who exactly classifies a story as a specific, or a set of, genres?
  • Genre Assignment
    • Problematize your film in relation to genres.
    • What is/are the genre(s) for your film. What other genres might the film also be that is not specifically listed on a streaming service or in a library catalog?

Master Plots

  • Group examples of Master plots
    1. Download this Master Plots document
    2. Small-group, majority-rules, determine one film per Master Plot
  • Master Plots Assignment
    • Discuss your film's Master Plot as well as choosing from the Master Plot document ALL of the sub-plots to your film.

Literary Devices

  • Literary Devices
    1. Download this Devices document
    2. Small-group, majority-rules, determine one film per Literary Device that is a good example of each device

Genre, Plots and Devices Assignment

  • Genre
    • 1/2 page (~200 words)
    • What do various websites list as your film's genre. (No need to cite them, but do mention those websites in your writing)
    • If your film is a sub-genre, discuss that.
    • State your position of what genre or crossover genres you think your film should be labeled.
  • Plot
    • 1/2 page (~200 words)
    • Discuss the master plot and all of the subplots in your film
  • Devices
    • 1/2 page (~200 words)
    • Do NOT discuss every device on the device list.
    • Discuss how your film innovates various devices from the list.