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Gardener's Multiple Intelligences

Eight Intelligences

Take a survey test to help determine your Intelligences.

  • With any survey or poll that YOU take, you should also have others take the survey for you, thinking about what they know of you and/or how you would/should answer.
  • We gauge others by their behaviours and words, and we gauge ourselves by our intentions and thoughts.
  • 1st, YOU take the test.
  • 2nd, have a friend or close loved one take it in lieu of you.
  • 3rd, have a few others take the survey test with you in mind.
  • Take the survey test

Meanings of Multiple Intelligences

Meyers Briggs: Pop Psychology

Pyschologizing: From Freud to Positive Psychology


Literati du jour

Integrative Complexity

Meaning that


Problems with words


  • Though many variations of these words exist, we will use them to differentiate between comprehend (being taught something to the point of understanding) and apprehend (learning something to the extent that your mind makes the final leap to making meaning.)


  • We tend not to think of these as different words, but they are, and perhaps may be the reason you are not doing as well as you could in classes.
  • To recall something is to have some outside influence stimulate your memory, such as a multiple choice test that presents the possible answer to you and you merely have to recall the correct answer.
  • To remember something though means doing so without an outside and direct stimulus.


  • We tend to use these words to mean "that's just the way things are, no explanation or reason needed."
  • Example: It's natural to be jealous. Actually, no it's not. Quite the opposite, the creation of civilization and of property 10,000 years ago spurred people to be jealous. (See the Mosuo of China)

Words for some Experiences you've had

20ish words you've already felt

Know no know

  • Stop using the word "know"
  • When you ask if someone "knows something," you inadvertently are asking about their level of their intelligence.
  • Instead, ask someone if they've "heard" of something.
  • If they have heard of that thing, you can ask what they've heard.
  • If not, they won't feel lessened by your question.