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Level 8


  • You will need to watch and re-listen to parts of your film many times to accomplish these assignments.


Listen closely

  • Listen for the sounds
    • List each new sound.
    • If the sound continues, do not keep listing it.
    • If the sound stops then restarts later after other sounds, list that sound again.
    • Listen closely: Rick's life depended on listening closely.

Diegetic and Non-Diegetic

The Sound Writing Assignment

  1. Take any five minutes of your film (not pre or post credits) and list the sounds as they occur, as we did with the The Walking Dead exercise. (The only time stamp needed is the start of the five minutes)
  2. Discuss three "good"/interesting uses of diegetic (with timestamps)
  3. Discuss three "bad"/disruptive uses of diegetic sound (with timestamps)
  4. Discuss three "good"/interesting uses of non-diegetic (with timestamps)
  5. Discuss three "bad"/disruptive uses of non-diegetic sound (with timestamps)
  6. Discuss any uses of internal diegetic sound (what characters hear in their thoughts/memories)
  7. Discuss any interesting transitions between diegetic and non-diegetic (be that sound or music), such as in Blazing Saddles of in Star Trek