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Trailers, Opening Credits, and Opening Scenes


  1. Film Poster Tropes

Trailers Topics

  1. Article: The end of the voice over in trailers.
  2. Examples: Old ...in a world... trailers
  3. The current Trailer Trope: every film trailer ever made
  4. The current Trailer Trope 2:Every Oscar winning film trailer ever
  5. Trailer that makes fun of the current trailer tropes.
  6. Secrets in the GotG2 stingers/ post-credits. Hiding more than information in a stinger.
  7. Ferris Bueller the "first" stinger.

Opening Credits/Title Sequence

Opening scenes: establishing the mood and tone

  • Exposition in opening credits & opening scenes.
    1. Opening credits that show a story: Godzilla
    2. Opening exposition that...oh shut the f*ck up already: Alone in the Dark
    3. Opening exposition done well: Zombieland

  • Opening scenes: setting the mood
    1. The slow, immersive, naturally-lit, nature-centered feel: The Revenant.
    2. Film noir; quasi-vermisilitude; action: The Matrix
    3. Historical exposition: The Lord of the Rings

Writing about Trailers, Opening Credits, & Scenes

  • Trailers.
    • One page MLA format.
    • Discuss what your film's trailers are trying to do: excite? inform? intrigue?
    • How close are your film's trailers to the trailer trope examples?
  • Opening scenes & credits.
    • One page MLA format.
    • Compare and contrast your opening title sequence (credits) and the opening scene with the others listed above.
    • What mood are the credits and scenes establishing?
    • What color scheme is evident in the title sequence and in the opening scene.