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Florida Undergraduate Research Conference


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What's FURC

  • FURC is the Florida Undergraduate Research Conference.
    • "FURC is one of the nation's largest multi-disciplinary research conferences, and it is open to all undergraduate researchers in the state of Florida to present their research in a poster format. In addition to relevant conference presentation experience, FURC boasts some of the best networking opportunities with fellow researchers and graduate programs across the country, as well as workshops and other professional development experiences. "
  • FURC travels each year from campus to campus around Florida. EFSC hosted FURC in 2018.

When and Where is FURC?

  • UCF Orlando Main Campus
  • February 18-19, 2022
  • The 18th is an evening soiree with keynote speakers
  • The 19th is the day of the event.

How much does it cost

  • Nothing.
  • The college pays for the cost of FURC fees and for transportation.
  • Maybe...
  • Currently, the college is now going through a long-awaited re-organization; we remain hopeful that SGA (student government) will still be able to fund the trip as it has done for the last 6 years.

What is FURC like

  • Elementary school science fairs took their idea and process from academic conference postering sessions.
  • While the impulse may be to cheapen postering as a grade school activity, please reassess to realize that your school was actually reaching far ahead of itself to prepare students for academic postering at conferences.
  • These are but two aisles of FURC (center of the image is a double sided poster wall).

What do we actually do at FURC

  • On Friday evening, the soiree is a business casual event where the 1,000 or so undergrads meet to mingle and eat good food. A few hours into the evening is the keynote speaker address.
  • On Saturday, poster sessions are one hour long.
  • Per session, about 75-150 students will be in the poster/presentation space (pending size of the venue)
  • Each person stands in front of their poster and has conversations with whoever is interested.
  • Because our posters concern Popular sci-fi and fantasy (and about 90% of the posters that day will be hard science), nearly everybody is interested in our posters.
  • Sometimes you won't be able to stop talking.

  • and sometimes the people cannot stop talking to you about your subject

What if I am under 18 at the time of travel

  • Faculty and staff have no authority over travelling students, but at the same time the Student Code of Conduct applies to EFSC sponsored trips.
  • Underage presenters must travel along with their parent(s) or guardian.
  • While the college will fund the student's FURC conference fees (the money comes from the Student Activities fund), the college cannot fund non-students such as guardians.
  • Underage presenters and guardians cannot travel in a vehicle driven by faculty or staff, which means they most likely would have to supply their own transport to and from UCF on both days.

What's my next step to present at FURC

  • During the Fall term, we will be requesting funds from SGA. Once we have that total dollar number, we can assess costs of the conference and ground transportation.
  • We then must decide who will be able to attend.
  • Usually, when we have too many people and not enough funds, the decision is made by a blind review of the abstracts by EFSC Humanities/English faculty.
  • If you are selected by FURC and then for funding by EFSC, the next step starts over the holidays and into the Spring term.
  • Holidays: advancing your ideas, perfecting/amending the poster.
  • January and early February Spring Term: informal gatherings to practice postering and fine-tuning/final reprinting of posters. The times and dates of these meetings are chosen according to people's availabilities.
  • During spring term meetings, we will discuss everything from travel to clothing.