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Stage 2

Read and Write

  • Find/read two articles
  • Write 50-word summaries of the main idea for each article (not necessarily the main topic)
  • 50-word summaries are due via email by midnight on Tuesdays
  • Submit full web addresses to the articles in the word doc with the summaries

Finding Sources

Literati Discussions

  1. Aeon
  2. Pysche Aeon's Sister Site
  3. Big Think
  4. Reddit: Scroll through for articles
  5. Arts & Letters Daily (If on a phone, click on the Alternate View to see the list of sources A&L pulls from; Or, see below for part of that list from ALDaily)
  6. Inverse (Not InverseIntuition)


  • While videos can be useful, they person in the video and/or the producer of the video must be legitimized.
    • Track down the person or organization.
    • Just because a lot of people have viewed, liked, or bought a source does not ever mean the source is legitimate.

Partial list from aldaily