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Do you Qualify?

  • I only give Letters of Recommendation to students who can legitimately check off TWO or more of the following boxes
    • □ Passed my Composition 1 course OR passed my Composition 2 course
    • □ Passed my Humanities Special Themes course
    • □ Passed my Introduction to Humanities course
    • □ Passed my Introduction to Literature course
    • □ Passed my Philosophy course
    • □ Passed my Film course
    • □ Passed a 3000 level course that I have taught (such as HSC 3741)
    • □ Poster presented at FURC as my student
    • □ Presented a paper at the National PCA/ACA as a Titusville Campus student
    • □ Hired by me and worked as Peer tutor for Composition in the learning lab for at least one semester
    • □ Worked as my intern (student assistant) for at least two semesters.

Process of obtaining a Letter of Recommendation

  1. Do you need the letter on EFSC letterhead?
    • If no, proceed to step 3
    • If yes, proceed to step 2
  2. You will need to fill out a school request of a Letter of Recommendation
    • Next, print the form and bring the form for me to sign.
    • Then, you'll need to bring the form to the center service island in Advising (bldg 3)
  3. Write the letter of recommendation and send the letter to me via email (See Contact on the main page for email address).
    • In the letter, discuss how long I have known you and which classes, clubs, or activities (such as plays, internship, side-by-side volunteering) we were involved in.
    • Give data: dates, or date range, grades obtained, events undertaken, or work done.
  4. I will amend the letter as needed.
  5. When the letter is ready for you to pick up, I will respond to the email from which you sent it.