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Inbox is empty as of 9 am Thursday Nov 19th.

Skipping weekends and holidays, and not counting Final exam week, we are
6 days
from the end of the term.

For Composition 1 and Composition 2, that means the most you can finish is 3 levels of perfect assignments that do not need re-written.

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Students with Incomplete grades from Spring and Summer

  • The deadline for turning in the LAST assignment is DECEMBER 3.
  • As always, no more than one assignment can be graded/stamped at a time.
  • I will only be grading and returning Incomplete Student assignments on Mondays during Fall term.
  • If you cannot access the assignment on the website due to broken links, email me with this subject line:
    • Request link
  • In the email, give the course you are in (Comp 1, Comp 2, etc) and the name of the assignment you need to work on. I will then send the direct link to the assignment or I will tell you when that page will be open again.

Delays are caused by a number of instances:

  • A wave of papers came in and yours is deep in the digital pile
  • Papers before yours are not as well done and take exceedingly longer to "grade"
  • At this point in the term, I am receiving 6 - 12 page papers, which takes a lot longer to grade.

I did'nt get back an a graded assignment yet

  • If you sent something in BEFORE the time and date listed at the top of the page, you should have it in your email as Reviewed or Stamped.
  • If you did not get a paper or an email back, it was lost in the digital winds.
    Resend that assignment/email.

Two days means Two campus days later...

  • don't be counting my Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays as your work days.
  • If you send a paper on Wednesday, expect the earliest to get it back is Monday.
  • If sent in Thursday, expect it by Tuesday.
  • Sent in over the weekend, expect it back by Wednesday.

All scheduled office hours...

  • will be online via Discord.
  • See Course syllabus for times.
  • If you need to see me in person, we can arrange a specific time and date to meet in the classroom on campus.

Detached from Discord

  • All Spring and Summer students are now designated as Former Students.
  • You will still be able to come to the Open Office Hours
  • You will not see the rooms for each course.