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  • If you are in attendance for normal class times on Discord, I will grade your assignments immediately.

    Composition 1 (ENC 1101) alternate assignment for A grade in course

    Soft Skills seminars will be on Wednesdays at 2:30pm for the following dates

    • Mar 31: Time Management
    • Apr 07 @ 2:25pm: Study Skills
    • Apr 14 @ 2:25pm: Organizational Skills
    • Apr 21: Etiquette

    Attend ALL FOUR seminars to skip the Comp 1 Presentation

    OR, you have to do two of the four seminars PLUS the MyPlan to skip the Comp 1 Presentation

    Links for the seminars will be on Seminars and MyPlan on the main page to Comp 1.

    Plan on having your webcam activated for those meetings.

    Choose an option:

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    Detached from Discord

    • All former students (before Spring 2021 term) are now designated as Former Students.
    • You will still be able to come to the Open Office Hours
    • You will not see the rooms for each course.