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There are changes to this coming week

  • See the first option below

Grading Update:

  • My Inbox is empty of Assignments as of
    • 1pm on Wednesday, 13 Jan. 2021.
  • If you sent an assignment in BEFORE that time and date, you should have received a reply from me.
  • If you submitted an assignment before that time and date and did not receive a reply, that email was lost to the digital winds; resend that assignment.

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Do I need to be in-class, on campus, this week?

  • Here you will find the weekly course calendar and whether you need to be in-class or on Discord.
  • If no weekly calendar is posted here, then follow the normal calendar


Detached from Discord

  • All former students (before Spring 2021 term) are now designated as Former Students.
  • You will still be able to come to the Open Office Hours
  • You will not see the rooms for each course.