My Summer and Fall Courses

Humanities and Compositions

Composition I

Composition I

Writing is a central aspect of succeeding in academia,
allowing a student to convey meaningful concepts.

Composition II

To read is to closely scrutinize a text
and then to theorize about the subjects and the ideas


"There are more things in heaven and earth. . .
than are dreamt of in your philosophy"

Technical Writing

Technical Writing for the BAS degree

Humanities: Special Themes

Post Apocalyptic Narratives:
Film, Novels, Video Games

Humanities: Literature

A novel is a mirror walking down a road

Humanities: Ancient World

Greeks, Romans, War, Sex, Love and Death

Humanities: 20th Century

Um...that's Art?

Auditions and Plays

Times for auditions and show dates of plays

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Service Learning

Service through Volunteering