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Email Protocols

About 75% of emails and texts are taken as being more negative than intended.


  1. To help us both keep track of assignments via email.
  2. To distinguish between submitting work and asking a question.

Submitting Assignments

  • Purpose: To prevent your assignment from getting lost and thus never graded.
  • 1. You must use Titan email to email me
  • 2. The ONLY information in the subject line must be the course and section number
    • ENC 1101 ##T
    • Make sure the section number is correct: 01, or 72, etc
  • 3. You must attach any assignment DIRECTLY to the email.
  • 4. Do not use One Drive or Google docs to send attachments.
  • 5. Submit only one assignment per email.
  • 6. Properly label the filename of any attached file
    • Use Caps as per the following example.
    • Start the file name with your Last Name then add the name of the assignment.
    • SmithMiniResearch1.docx

    Submitting Rewrites of Assignments

    • I will be renaming your file names when I send them back to you.
      • STAMPED
      • If I add the word STAMPED, it passed.
      • SmithSTAMPEDMiniResearch1.docx
      • Reviewed
      • If I add the word Reviewed, it needs to be fixed and sent back to me.
      • SmithReviewedMiniResearch1.docx
    • When sending in rewrites to me, follow the above 6 items and then indicate the assignment is a rewrite.
    • The second word in the file name must indicate if it's a rewrite.
      • Rewrite
      • SmithRewriteMiniResearch1.docx
    • If you have a second rewrite (or a third, or a fourth) put that number in the document title.
      • SmithRewrite2MiniResearch1.docx
    • Remove any words I added to your file name.

Asking a Question/relaying information via Email

  • Do not put the class name and section number in the subject line.
    • My emails pop to my phone, and I ignore the assignment emails until I "go to work" but I respond quickly to questions. If you use the class name in the subject line, I won't know to read it right away.
  • Put the subject of the question or statement in the subject line.
    • Citing sources
    • My grade at this time
    • Cannot make Discord meeting
  • In the email, the first sentence must say 1) what class you are in and 2) exactly what the problem is or what the point of the email is.
    • I want your emails to me to break typical conventions of emailing. Usually people warm up to a point by being nice or slowly working toward a point.
    • In research, in each paragraph, we state and defend.
    • That's how your emails should written.

Provisos conditions attached to an agreement

  • All email communication with me is considered office hours discussion.
  • Follow all typical decorum for such a context.
  • The EFSC Student Code of Conduct applies to all email communication