Post-Apocalyptic Narratives

Bring Swimsuits!! Each room also has a clothes iron and a hair dryer. >
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  • EFSC Liability forms
  • Phone sheet: text Kristina 321.987.8668 with your Full Name and Date of Birth for airline tickets
  • PCA Undergrad forms

Texting and threads:

  • Put PCA in front of everyone’s name in your phone
  • The Massive group thread: When I or Kristina mass text everyone with ALL PCA.
  • Do not respond to that mass text. It’s information/reminders.
  • If you need mor einfo, respond as individual texts

Spring Semester meetings:

  • times & place

Over the xmas break

  • Read ONE item per day, be it pop cult or academic
  • Write 1-2 minute shticks


for help

  • For all N00b presenters: Kristina
  • Veteran presenters: Matt
  • Problems you feel you can't bring to me: Sarah

No school!

  • Don’t discuss school issues. If asked, be brief


  • For EFSC-paid PCAers: We will buy your airline tickets in January
  • For others: Airlines and bus? RV? (Matt)


  • Cheapest to stay at the conference with PCA rates
  • Or, you'll spend money and time ubering for about the same price, or for rental car and parking fees for the same price

Food, there:

  • Reading Market next door.
  • Dunkin and cvs nearby.
  • Starbucks in-house

What you must do

  • N00bs must see all other N00b presentations

Field trips

  • No set field trips
  • Group outings should be organized by yourselves

Dress Code:

  • Casual for audiences
  • Business casual for presenting.

Faculty/Staff/Student code of conduct:

  • Rooms are on college’s dime; no mini fridges or taking towels


Significant others.

  • Let your person BE at the conference.

Talk like an academic.

  • Remove “I” and use more “me”
  • NOT I am interested in… SAY What interests me…
  • NOT I am concerned with… SAY What concerns me…
  • NOT I have class on monday...SAY My class is on Monday
  • Don’t be a pandering grad student (profs joke seriously about this: “one of those desperate grad students”)
  • Make the research (yours/theirs) the center of everything, not you or your aspirations. Let them remember how informed and passionate you are about your subject, not that you are driven toward a specific career goal
  • 30 and 90 second pitch of your research

Excused Absence from courses:

  • Notify Spring profs in first week by email (titan to titan) that you will be gone from April 14 to April 18


  • Bring a trinket or two to donate for film night

Upcoming Scheduled Events

2020 PCA/ACA

  • Where: Philadelphia
  • Date: April 15-April 18 , 2020
  • Abstracts due by Oct 17. 2019

Doom Crew 20 (The Class of Fall 2019)

The people and their ideas

Doom Crew 20 Found Articles (for Fall 2019)

Poster Presentation Example

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