Middle Ages


  1. 5th century Trivium and 6th Century Boethius Quadrivium
  2. Decline and rise of Europe
  3. Feudalism and poverty
  4. Power of the Catholic Church
  5. Roger Bacon
  6. Foundations of Experimentation
  7. Scholasticism vs Empiricism
  8. Alchemy and Magic
  9. Cook the veggies, but drink the water
  10. Database Perusal: Ind the Journal for the article" A New Trivium and Quadrivium"; find a new article in the newest available published issue


  • The Quiz is drawn from the Assigned Reading listed below
  • You must obtain a 70% on the quiz to pass it.


Assigned On-Time Reading for On-Time papers and quiz

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Assigned LATE Reading for late papers

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Other Readings

    ONE of these will be the assigned reading for the week's quiz and on-time paper. Another one will be the assigned reading for the late papers. All of these may be on the Final Exam aka the Final Boss Fight.
  1. Alchemy and Magic
  2. "A New Trivium and Quadrivium" (PDF)
  3. Middle-Ages Science
  4. Only need to read Section 4.2 Bacon and Grosseteste: Knowledge, Science and Intuition
  5. Rediscovering the Sciences of the Middle Ages

Writing Assignment

Writing Rubric

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ON-TIME Writing Assignment

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Possible Writing Assignments

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  1. Compare Middle Ages Alchemy and Magic with Modern Day Anti-Vax/ Essential oils crowd
  2. Using EFSC's AA requirements as a guide, describe what would be the quadrivium and trivium and how, in abstract terms, and not simply by way of class titles, that is different from the Ancient quadrivium and trivium
  3. What have you heard about how the church and Science were at odds. Use the source to comment on your already held thoughts.
  4. How does experimentum and experientiarelate to Aristotle.
  5. Describe what overlaps in a venn diagram of science and/vs Humanities according to the article.

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