"This is your realm, and the heart of the greater realm that shall be. The Third Age of the world is ended, and the new age is begun; and it is your task to order its beginning and to preserve what must be preserved. For though much has been saved, much must now pass away"


Email me now, not later, now.

(SEE BELOW for how and why)

Introduction to Humanities

Contact me NOW

  • You must immediately contact me via your Titan email starting March 30th.
    -In the subject line simply put the word Present with the course name
    -Example: Present Hum 1020
    -I want to hear if, in your current circumstances, you think you'll be able to finish the course over the next month (as per below).
  • At any point for the rest of the term, if life's difficulties prevents you from finishing, let me know so you can obtain an "I" (Incomplete); with an "I," you can finish the course over the summer or fall term without having to pay for the course again.

Emails in general

  • After the Present email, each email must have the following conditions:
  • 1. You must use Titan email to email me
    -See contact page on Inverse for email address.
    -The ONLY info in the subject line must be the course and section number
    -Example: HUM 1020 ##T
    -Make sure the ## is correct: 03, or 04, or 05, etc
  • 2. You must attach any document to the email.
  • 3.You must also copy and paste the entire contents of an attached file into the bottom of the email when submitting for papers.
    -Pasted content does not need to be formatted. The aim of the copy/paste is so I can see the raw info/data you have sent in case the attached document is corrupted.
  • 4. Properly identify attached file names
    -Use Caps as per the following examples.
    -Start the file name with your Last Name then add the name of the assignment.
    -Example: SmithAssignment1
    -The second word in the file name must indicate if it's a rewrite.
    -Example: SmithRewriteAssignment1

Email rejection

  • If any of the four items above are not followed, I will respond with the words Submission Rejected: Requirements
  • If I am unable to open your file, I will reply with Submission Rejected; Corrupted File.
  • If a submission is rejected, you'll have to re-submit the assignment appropriately, which burns time left in the semester.
  • To ensure there are no problems with files, use the most current Word program (available free through MyEfsc).

Need help?

Picture of Matt Hudsoner
  • Matt is back!
  • He has done these or similar assignments
  • He was my intern for 2-1/2 years.
  • If you prefer, you can talk with him about any assignment
  • Email him or chat through Gmail Hangouts:
  • Matthudson8177@gmail.com

Current Grades

  • Everyone has a "C" grade at this point in the term, unless I have already communicated with you individually.

Future Grades

  • For a "B" Grade, you'll have 2 assignments to do over the next month.
    For an "A" Grade, you'll have the B grade 2 assignments plus 2 more assignments.

Assignment & "due dates"

  • Assignments will be posted here weekly on Sunday evenings.
  • These due dates are for you to remain on track; they are open-ended, which means you can turn in assignments any time on or after the due date.
  • Continual re-writes to pass each assignment still apply.
  • As always, only one assignment can be turned in at a time, so you could run out of time in the term if you keep holding off completing each assignment.
  • #1 due: April 6th (B grade)
  • #2 due: April 13th (B grade)
  • #3 due: April 20th (A grade)
  • #4 due: April 27th (A grade)

Final and Last Deadline for any and all assignments

  • May 2nd - May 8th
  • Final Exam week will only be for redoing assignments
  • No first-time submissions of any assignment can be turned in during final exam

Assignment #1

Assignment #2

  • Begin: April 6th
  • Ghost Date/ Due: April 13th

Assignment #3

  • Begin: April 13th
  • Ghost Date/ Due: April 20th

Assignment #4

  • Begin: April 20th
  • Ghost Date/ Due: April 27th

Other Gameplay Resources

Scoring, Rubric, and Rewrites

  • If you need to fix/ rewrite an assignment, you MUST turn in the previous attempt with the fixed new one.
  • Most assignments in the course are passable with only one or two errors of the assignment's rubric. More than two serious errors would need a rewrite to fix the errors.

Sources for Citations