Letter of Recommendation?

Do you Qualify?

  • I only give Letters of Recommendation to students who can legitimately check off TWO or more of the following items
    • □ Passed my Composition 1 course
    • □ Passed my Composition 2 course
    • □ Passed my Humanities Special Themes course
    • □ Passed an other Humanities course of mine
    • □ Passed my Philosophy course
    • □ Passed a 3000 level course that I have taught
    • □ Poster presented at FURC as my student
    • □ Presented a paper at National PCA/ACA as my student
    • □ Hired by me and worked as Peer tutor for Composition in the learning lab for at least one semester
    • □ Worked as my intern (student assistant) for at least one semester.
    • □ Stage crew or cast for a play I produced