The Alpha (The Beginnings)

What's a Theory?

Excerpt from The Elements of Social Scientific Thinking PDF file

When to start philosophy


The Omega (The Ends)

Need Proof that everything ends at philosophy?

Play the game:

  • Read these directions then click on the link below.
  • The link below will take you to a random Wikipedia page.
  • Once on that page, click the first link AFTER the bold face word. (But do not click on anything within (parentheses) that immediately follows the bold face word.)

wikipedia page
  • Keep repeating and you will eventually land on the Philosophy page.
  • If you keep returning to a page other than Philosophy, click the second highlighted words in the body of the text.
  • Random Wikipedia page


Choose One

  • Letter to Child's Parent
    • This assignment is for those who have a child (age 3 to 10) in their life (your own, a close niece or nephew, a close friend's child, or you work directly with children at a school or daycare). This should be someone with whom you have a significant role in their life.
    • Write a 200 to 250 word letter to the parent of the child convincing them of the need for philosophy in the child's life. Range across many uses/reasons: practical (helps grades), identity, skepticism, etc. That is, do not rest your argument solely on one use or benefit. Reference two articles: one of which must come from the list above, the other article(s) you must find and CANNOT be in the above list. Do further research so you can cover in the letter at least 6 different philosophy exercises for kids.
  • Tracing Thought
    • One project of philosophy is to expand and accelerate what your mind can already do, which is to leap vast distances and make clear connections among concrete and abstract ideas, as well as to feel comfortable making those leaps. To be comfortable, we must first cause an anguish in the complexity of language
    • Start with a new word chosen by the wikipage randomizer. Decide then in what category the word fits according to the chart below created by E.J. Lowe.

      image of category table

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