Emails in general

  • each email must have the following conditions:
  • 1. You must use Titan email to email me
    -See contact page on Inverse for email address.
    -The ONLY info in the subject line must be the course name
    -Example: FIL 1001 ##T
  • 2. You must attach any document to the email.
  • 4. Properly identify attached file names
    -Use Caps as per the following examples.
    -Start the file name with your Last Name then add the name of the assignment.
    -Example: SmithAssignment1
    -The second word in the file name must indicate if it's a rewrite.
    -Example: SmithRewriteAssignment1

Current Grades

  • Everyone has a "C" grade at this point in the term, unless I have already communicated with you individually.

Future Grades

  • For a "C" Grade, You can simply stop here having learned some interesting aspects of film.
  • For an "A" Grade, pass the Final Project.
  • There is no B grade this term.

The Final Project: Analysis of Film or Pitch Deck

Kristina can help you with many aspects of your Powerpoint or your pitchdeck
Feel free to text, call, or email her.
Kristina's contact info

As Kristina discovered, your powerpoints may become so large in file size, they won't send. Use one drive. If you don't know how, ask her

  • Continue working on the Final project that we began in class (your Power Point of your analysis of a film or your pitch deck.)
  • Send in 4 improved upon drafts over the course of one week between each version.
  • I will determine if you've made enough progress in each draft to have each pass
  • If a submission does not pass (because it did not develop enough over the week), you have one more week to develop that draft further


LEVEL ONE: Trailers

  • Write up of level one and link

LEVEL TWO: Openings, Scripts

  • Write up of level two and link

LEVEL THREE: Character archetypes

  • Write up of level three and link

LEVEL FOUR: Devices and Plots and Genre

  • Write up of level four and link

LEVEL FIVE: Settings, Lighting, and CGI

  • Write-up of level five and link

LEVEL SIX: Shots and angles

  • Write-up of level six and link