Composition 2

Emails in general

  • 1. You must use Titan email to email me
    -See contact page on Inverse for email address.
    -The ONLY info in the subject line must be the course and section number
    -Example: ENC 1101 ##T
    -Make sure the ## is correct: 03, or 04, or 05, etc
  • 2. You must attach any document to the email.
  • 3.You must also copy and paste the entire contents of an attached file into the bottom of the email when submitting for papers.
    -Pasted content does not need to be formatted. The aim of the copy/paste is so I can see the raw info/data you have sent in case the attached document is corrupted.
  • 4. Properly identify attached file names
    -Use Caps as per the following examples.
    -Start the file name with your Last Name then add the name of the assignment.
    -Example: SmithAssignment1
    -The second word in the file name must indicate if it's a rewrite.
    -Example: SmithRewriteAssignment1

Email rejection

  • If any of the four items above are not followed, I will respond with the words Submission Rejected: Requirements
  • If I am unable to open your file, I will reply with Submission Rejected; Corrupted File.
  • If a submission is rejected, you'll have to re-submit the assignment appropriately, which burns time left in the semester.
  • To ensure there are no problems with files, use the most current Word program (available free through MyEfsc).

Need help?

Picture of Matt Hudsoner
  • Matt is back!
  • He has done these assignments
  • He was my intern for 2-1/2 years.
  • If you prefer, you can talk with him about any assignment
  • Email him or chat through Gmail Hangouts:

Future Grades

  • For a "C" Grade, pass all of the small theory papers.
  • For an "A" Grade, pass the Term Paper.
  • There is no B grade this term.


  • powerpoint/presentations are cancelled
  • Final Exam is cancelled


Level ONE: Tropes

Level TWO: New Historicism

Level THREE: Allegory of the Cave

Level FOUR: Class Consciousness

Level FIVE: Class Struggle theory paper

Level SIX: Existentialism

Level SEVEN: Ecocriticism

Level EIGHT: De(Con)struct/ing the Title

C grade

  • Once you have passed all of the the above theory papers, you have acquired a C in the course.
  • Expiration dates are waived; go back and figure out how to do any that you missed. Read on them, email me, or email/chat with Matt.

Level NINE: Term Paper