Composition 1

What you should be doing

    Follow the same process as in-class
  1. Do each level of tracking sheets
    -BE quick; time is running out
  2. Compile Annotated Bibliography
    -Rewrite as needed
  3. Write MLA paper; rewrite as needed
    -"C" Grade accomplished with completion of MLA Paper
  4. After you pass the MLA paper, write the APA paper; rewrite as needed
    -"A" Grade accomplished with completion of APA Paper
  5. The Whatever Grade
    -If you just want a B for the course and NOT the A, then after you pass the MLA paper, do the powerpoint.
    -Below, see Level: Whatever

Need help?

Picture of Matt Hudsoner
  • Matt is back!
  • He has done these assignments
  • He was my intern for 2-1/2 years.
  • If you prefer, you can talk with him about any assignment
  • Email him or chat through Gmail Hangouts:

Longer version of What's Changed

No Volunteering
  • Volunteering is no longer a requirement
  • However, so that your hours make it onto your transcripts, save your SHOAT forms of any logged volunteer hours to give to the Center for Service Learning once we are able to return to campus.
  • All of the assignments still concern the broader theme of the place where you were going to volunteer.

No Final Exam

  • Final Exam Week is ONLY for turning in a last rewrite of AN assignment.
  • During Final Exam week, I will not accept first-attempt assignments.
  • To be more specific, your last submission of YOUR last assignment cannot go past 11:59PM on Sunday, May 3rd.

No Portfolio

  • The Portfolio is no longer part of the A grade.
  • You do not need to do it at all.

Emails in general

Submission Requirements

  • each email must have the following conditions:
  • 1. You must use Titan email to email me
    -See contact page on Inverse for email address.
    -The ONLY info in the subject line must be the course and section number
    -Example: ENC 1101 ##T
    -Make sure the ## is correct: 03, or 04, or 05, etc
  • 2. You must attach any document to the email.
  • 3.You must also copy and paste the entire contents of an attached file into the bottom of the email when submitting for papers.
    -Pasted content does not need to be formatted. The aim of the copy/paste is so I can see the raw info/data you have sent in case the attached document is corrupted.
  • 4. Properly identify attached file names
    -Use Caps as per the following examples.
    -Start the file name with your Last Name then add the name of the assignment.
    -Example: SmithAssignment1
    -The second word in the file name must indicate if it's a rewrite.
    -Example: SmithRewriteAssignment1

Submission Rejected

  • If any of the four items above are not followed, I will respond with the words Submission Rejected: Requirements
  • If I am unable to open your file, I will reply with Submission Rejected; Corrupted File.
  • If a submission is rejected, you'll have to re-submit the assignment appropriately, which burns time left in the semester.
  • To ensure there are no problems with files, use the most current Word program (available free through MyEfsc).

The Game


TUTORIAL: Formatting

LEVEL ONE: Two Small Papers

LEVEL TWO: Tracking Sheets 1, 2

LEVEL THREE: Tracking Sheets 3, 4

LEVEL FOUR: Tracking Sheets 5, 6

LEVEL FIVE: Tracking Sheets 7, 8

LEVEL SIX: Tracking Sheets 9, 10

LEVEL SEVEN: MLA Annotated Bibliography

LEVEL EIGHT: MLA Research Paper

LEVEL NINE: APA Research Paper

Other Gameplay Resources

Scoring, Rubric, and Rewrites

  • If you need to fix/ rewrite an assignment, you MUST turn in the previous attempt with the fixed new one.
  • Most assignments in the course are passable with only one or two errors of the assignment's rubric. More than two serious errors would need a rewrite to fix the errors.
  • If you truly must rely on numerical scoring, you can see the following page.
  • Scoring and Rubric for All Assignments

Sources for Citations

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