Tutorial: Formatting


  • To learn the one and only correct format of a paper.

MLA Format Criteria:

  • Font-type: Times New Roman
  • Font-Size: only 12 point
  • Indents: first line of each paragraph of the body indents 1/2" (not five space bar clicks)
  • Spacing: Double space every line in the paper (no more, no less)
    • Word sets extra spacing after paragraphs; highlight all, right click, choose paragraphs,and set spacing after paragraphs to zero.
  • Margins: 1" from all sides (page number header will be withn that inch, and that is ok.) From the top, your name must be 1".
  • No Bold
  • No Underlines
  • No exclamation marks--EVER!!!!!!!!


  1. Sign on to a computer in the classroom
  2. Open Word
  3. Open, copy, and paste the text on this page into Word.
    • Learn Quick Keys--You'll need them later in the course:
    • When the text file opens, hold down Ctrl then click the A key: this highlights the whole document.
    • Click into the Word document somewhere.
    • Hold down the Ctrl key and press the V key. This pastes the information into Word.
    • Other hint: Ctrl +Z (that is hold ctrl and hit Z key) will undo changes you made.
    • The text file is gibberish Latin sounding language to use as the body of your Formatting paper.
  4. Follow the above Criteria to format the paper.
  5. You need to have the skills of formatting a paper through right clicking on it, not through using the tab, space bar, or enter keys.
  6. If unsure how to do this, ask someone next to you, or call me over.
  7. See below for images of what a formatted paper should look like.
  8. When you think you have your paper correctly formatted, print it out and bring it to me.
  9. If incorrect, re-do until correct.
  10. Scrutinize every word, style, and punctuation in the Works Cited page to make sure yours is exactly like the example below.

Latin Text for formatting page 1

Latin Text for formatting page 2

Latin text for formatting