The Grade: C grade

  • Every weekly assignment is graded as either Pass or Redo.
  • In order to obtain a grade that is above a D for the course, you must Pass every weekly part of this Project to a satisfactory level.
Weekly Theory Papers: The Process
  • Weekly 1-1/2 to 2 page papers.
  • Use all of the concepts from a class and apply them to your chosen film.
  • Cite one popular or peer reviewed source per concept.
  • IN your writing, give a lead in to the quoted material that discusses the author, the source.
  • Vary quotation styles:
    • Introduce the quote with a full sentence, then use a colon, then place the quote.
    • Introduce the author and source but then combine the quoted material with your words so seamlessly that when "read aloud no one would know" where the quote begins or ends.
    • Use a block quote for larger quotes
  • block quotes, graphs, tables, or other non-prose information does NOT count in the page length.
  • Begin each paper with a thesis that makes a claim about your film that you apprehended by connecting the concepts of the class to the film.
    • For PCAers, this thetic statement should support your PCA thesis.
  • After the thesis, immediately begin a literature review.
    • Write the literature review after you've written a draft of the paper.
    • You'll need 2 peer reviewed articles in the literature review.
    • The Literature Review portion must connect the PR articles with the popular articles.

Script Writing: The Process

  • Three pages of script per week
    • Need not be sequential
  • Weekly 1 to 2 page papers.
    • Discuss how the concepts of the class influence/effect/change your vision of your film
    • Discuss concepts to other films, so that you can more easily remember the thought/technique

The Grade: B Grade

  • Must complete a passing Term paper or a Script (see below)

Theory Term Paper

  • Start the paper with a thesis; PCAers this will be your thesis of the PCA paper.
  • Follow the thesis with a thematic literature review of all of the peer reviewed and popular sources you used in the small papers.
  • Each section of the paper must begin with a direct connection from the small paper's thesis to the overall thesis of the term paper.


  • Begin with a 250 to 500 word treatment
  • Script should have at least 24 pages.
  • I do not expect a full script to be completed
  • Properly formatted as a script.
  • It's acceptable to have fragmented areas that are your notes for future writing.

The Grade: A Grade

  • Must complete a pre-approved presentation powerpoint.
  • Must present the powerpoint
  • Presentation should last 30 to 45 minutes.