Devices, Plots, and Genre

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  1. Plot and Story
  2. Story vs. plot
  3. Vonnegut's plotlines
  4. 8 part circle
  5. Harmon's 8 part circle rick and morty
  6. rick and morty story circle
  7. Blade runner film noir
  8. Batman as Film Noir
  9. Genre, scifi westerns, serenity, semantic and syntactic signifiers
  10. Logan: Superhero Movies Get Old

Theory Writing

  • DUE NEXT WEEK: 1-1/2 to 2 page paper.
  • Discuss the genre, plot, and story of your narratives.
  • See Projects page for directions.

Creative Writing

  • Write 3 pages of your script
  • Discuss genre, plot, and story of your script.