Opening credits and opening shots

View these films


  1. Chekovs gun
  2. Miami Vice then | Miami vice; no opening credits.
  3. Opening credits of Gone with the Wind
  4. Mixing pop music with trv shows New York Times Article
  5. Production company logos
  6. Original Warner brothers logo ; Matrix change
  7. Opening credits that tell a story
  8. Exposition in Opening credits. Zombieland
  9. Now You See It's Opening shots
  10. Database Perusal:
  11. No cuts Opening shotThe Revenant.
  12. Read and discuss how to make a treatment Read 1st ten minutes of your films. what did you learn you never knew about scripts
  13. Script Breakdown 101

Theory Writing

  • DUE NEXT WEEK: 1-1/2 to 2 page paper.
  • Discuss the opening credits and the opening shopts to your narratives.
  • See Projects page for directions.

Creative Writing

  • Write 3 pages of your script
  • Discuss why all of the reasons for your opening credits and opening shot.
  • If you have not written the opening, then discuss 3 different possible opening credit options that fit your film and discuss 3 corresponding opening shots.