Appreciation of the Motion Picture 1

I will override the pre-requisite; email me.


Syllabi and Schedules

for Spring 2020

Thursday Night

Grades are all Pass/Redo?

  • Yes, all assignments are either Pass, or Redo until passed
  • The Project Page covers how you obtain an overall letter grade for the course.

There's no attendance policy?

  • I do not keep attendance records; the only record I have is the dates of your completed assignments.

The Game

The Semester Project

Theory or Creative

  • At the start of the term, you decide if you'll work all term on a theory driven term paper or if you'll be writing a film script.
  • For PCAers taking this class, you must do the theory term paper on the narratives that your PCA paper centers on.
  • This page discusses these assignments as well as the weekly assignments.


Three assignment sets

  • See the Project page for more details.
  • C grade: Complete (pass/redo) all weekly assignments.
  • B grade: Formulate weekly assignments into a term project.
  • A grade: Present the term project


LEVEL ONE: Trailers

  • Write up of level one and link

LEVEL TWO: Openings, Scripts

  • Write up of level two and link

LEVEL THREE: Character archetypes

  • Write up of level three and link

LEVEL FOUR: Devices and Plots and Genre

  • Write up of level four and link

LEVEL FIVE: Settings, Lighting, and CGI

  • Write-up of level five and link

LEVEL SIX: Shots and angles

  • Write-up of level six and link

LEVEL SEVEN: Sound & Music

  • Write-up of level seven and link

LEVEL EIGHT: Acting, actors, schools of acting

  • Write-up of level eight and link

C Grade Achieved

  • Having successfully completed the first 8 levels, you have acquired a C grade in the course.

LEVEL NINE: B Grade; Compile Project

  • Writeup of level nine and link

LEVEL TEN: A Grade; Present Project

  • Writeup of level ten and link