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Level 7:
APA Term Paper


  • To craft an APA Term Paper using the style sheet generated from interrogating the Journal article

APA Term Paper Directions

  1. Use the APA Covid paper from Level 3.
  2. Format the paper according to the style sheet you created from Levels 5 & 6: Interrogating a Journal Article.
  3. Every idea and fact in the paper must be supported by a peer-reviewed journal article pulled from the EFSC Databases.
    • If some of your writing can not be verified by peer reviewed articles, do not delete that writing.
    • You'll have to contextualize that section as a subject that research needs to address.
    • If articles refute your writing, you need to point that out and give the correct information from the articles.
  4. You must have one graph and one table in the paper.
    • You may replicate and properly cite the graph and the table from a journal article or you may take information from a journal article and create a table and a graph based on that information.

The Grading will take a long time

  • Don't expect a quick turn around with the grading of these papers
  • I will be correlating your Covid paper, with your journal article, with your interrogation table, with the APA term paper. This will take time.

Our term ends Oct 28th.

  • On Oct 28th, you begin the last part of this course with Dr. Petrie.
  • On Oct 28th, I will be turning over each of your accumulated points to him.
  • Once I have turned over your points, no assignments from my part of this course can be submitted.
  • For my part of this course, any final assignment must be submitted by 11:59PM Tuesday Oct 27th.