Email Me


  1. To help us both keep track of assignments via email.
  2. To distinguish between submitting work and asking a question.

The First Email:

  1. Do the Discord tutorial
  2. Email me from your Titan email.
  3. In the subject line simply put ONLY this: Present
  4. In the email put your Discord 4-digit member number
  5. Send it.

End of Tutorial

Submitting Assignments throughout the Course

  • Purpose: To prevent your assignment from getting lost and thus never graded.
  • 1. You must use Titan email to email me
  • 2. The ONLY information in the subject line must be the course and section number
    • PHI 2010 ##T
    • Make sure the section number is correct: 01, or 72, etc
  • 3. You must attach any assignment to the email as a word document.
    • All of the Microsoft Office Suite, including Word , is free for you as a student. You can download and install Microsoft Office 365 by following the directions here
  • 4. In the body of the email, ONLY put the name of the assignment you are submitting or put nothing at all.
  • 5. Submit only one assignment per email, unless I specifically ask you to do otherwise.
  • 6. Properly label any attached file's name
    • Use Caps as per the following examples.
    • Start the file name with your Last Name then add the name of the assignment.
    • SmithAssignmentname.docx

Submitting Rewrites of Assignments

  • I will be renaming your file names when I send them back to you.
    • If I add the word STAMPED, it passed.
    • SmithSTAMPEDAssignmentname.docx
    • If I add the word Reviewed, it needs to be fixed and sent back to me.
    • SmithReviewedAssignmentname.docx
  • When sending in rewrites to me, follow the above 6 items and then indicate the assignment is a rewrite.
  • 7. The second word in the file name must indicate if it's a rewrite and what number rewrite it is.
    • SmithRewrite1Assignmentname.docx
  • If you have a second rewrite (or a third, or a fourth) put that number in the document title.
    • SmithRewrite2Assignmentname.docx
  • Remove any words I added to your file name.

Asking a Question/relaying information via Email

  • Do not put the class name and section number in the subject line.
    • My emails pop to my phone, and I ignore the assignment ones until I "go to work" but I respond quickly to questions. If you use the class name in the subject line, I won't know to read it right away.
  • 1. Put the subject of the question or statement in the subject line.
    • Citing sources
    • My grade at this time
    • Cannot make Discord meeting
  • In the body of the email, the first sentence must say 1) what class you are in and 2) exactly what the problem is or what the point of the email is.
    • I want your emails to me to break typical conventions of emailing. Usually people warm up to a point by being nice or slowly working toward a point.
    • In research, in each paragraph, we state and defend.
    • That's how your emails should written.
    • State the question or problem, then discuss that problem in more detail.

Provisos conditions attached to an agreement

  • All email communication with me is considered one-on-one office hours discussion.
  • Follow all typical decorum for such a context.
  • The EFSC Student Code of Conduct applies to all email communication