About 75% of emails and texts are taken as being more negative than intended.


  1. We'll use Discord for Live Online course discussions
  2. 10am to 1pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays
  3. Avoid a long wait for answers to your questions.
  4. Open a direct line of synchronous communication with me and others in the class.
    • Asynchronous communication Such as Email, Snail-Mail, leaving notes on a fridge
      causes many problems:
      • Unclear messages
      • Unclear responses
      • more exchanges of emails (etc) just for the sake of clarity of messages.
    • Synchronous Communication Such as in-person conversations, texting, Internet message services.
      helps solve the above problems through immediate discussion


  1. Download and install Discord to your phone or PC
  2. You'll need a mic and speakers or a mic w/ headset/earbuds.
  3. Click on this Link to enter Virtual 130.
  4. When you are on Discord, read the #Read First
  5. Send me your 4-digit Discord member number in an email from your Titan email
    • Wait! Don't send that email yet.
      • You'll send me that number in the next part of the tutorial: Email.
    • After I have verified your Discord number to your username through that email, I will change your permissions in Discord so you can see all of the different voice and text channels we will use for class-time and for the course.
    • Lastly, read the #Entryway to Virtual 130

Contacting me:

  • I am on Discord most days.
  • If I am away, feel free to send a DM and I will respond as soon as I can.
  • If I am in the channel called Open Office Hours, you can pop in any time to ask any questions you may have
  • When you arrive in the Open Office Hours, announce yourself with a "Hey Dr. Jones, this is Blahity Blah," but give me a minute to respond, as I may be near but not at my PC.

Provisos conditions attached to an agreement

  • All Discord communication with me, and with each other in Virtual 130 is considered classroom discussion.
  • Follow all typical decorum for such a context.
  • The EFSC Student Code of Conduct applies to all Discord communication in Virtual 130

Caveatsa warning of specific stipulations, conditions, or limitations.

  • Howevver, I type clunkliy, so I donnt want anyof you to stres out abiout spellling errors in Discord.
  • I never get
    angry except when someone is being nasty to someone else in the classroom
    so when I send terse messages or emails, don't assume I'm in a bad mood, angry, or upset.
  • I. simply. am. not.
  • "The soul of wit is brevity" (Polonius, Hamlet)

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