Level 8


  • Deconstruction refers to a post-modern theory that focuses on the contradictions in a text and the instability of meaning, which allows for more meaning, but never the end of meaning.
  • As with all theories in this course, we are desperately thin-slicing this theory. With 48 million hits on Google for "Deconstruction," we are never going to fully grasp the breadth of deconstruction, which is actually an important aspect of deconstruction--never finding the end of meaning.


  • You must PASS the Deconstruction paper BEFORE being able to turn in the next papers.
  • If you do not pass, follow the Re-write criteria for redoing a paper.
  • See the rubric for Theory papers
  • See a Writing Consultant for further help.
  • Be careful of Plagiarism; there is NOT ever an excuse for plagiarizing.

Deconstruction: What is Deconstruction

  • Deconstruction is, in part, a word game. We can take apart words or a part of a word, and reapply it to a text (film) to see the text/film in a new way.
  • The aim is the creation of meaning, and not if the meaning is CORRECT or NOT.

Writing Deconstruction

  • For our purposes, as an introduction to Deconstruction, we are going to destruct a/part the title of your film and find some meaningful new word by which we can re-interpret the film.
  • This destructing a/part words can be by actual word/s or by sounds of words.

    Deconstruction: Example 1

    • For the film "Forrest Gump," we can destruct the title words to construct new meaning: "Forest" "For Rest" "Gump"
    • To me, when I hear just the word Gump, I think of the word "gumption," as in brazenness, courage, lack of shame.
    • The top paragraph would have to discuss what deconstruction is, how we can tear apart words for internal meaning, then explicitly show how a word or words, such as above, from the title are torn apart, and what those word or words mean.
    • In the analysis section (second paragraph), I would assert a new meanng to the film ( but with the aim of being CORRECT); rather, I'd talk about how Forrest is able to use such shameless brazenness to accomplish a lot and to have many experiences which most of us would not be able to do without having a like level of Gumption.

    Deconstruction: Example 2

    • To me, when I hear the word "forest," I think of an ecological community, one that has intricate relationships and achieves sustainability through those relationships.
    • In relation to the film, I could write about how the film is all about relationships that Forrest/Forest has with many people: Momma, jenny, Bubba, Lt. Dan and Forrest Jr.


    • Do NOT use the above cited source.
    • Do not use encyclopedias or dictionaries.
    • Find a human named full article that discusses Deconstruction.