Mini-Research #1


  • To learn the
    skeletal structure of the many different structures to research papers, we'll focus on one that's a composite of many
    of research papers.
  • This assignment is the core of the course. Everything we do for the rest of the course is built upon this paper.
  • There is A LOT of tedious directions to this assignment, but once the entire concept is grasped, the rest of the assignment will be much easier.

Don't over think this assignment;
it's similar to working out;
just do the routine.


  • Write a 1-1/2 to 2 page paper.
  • You'll write this paper in three stages; each stage will be sent to me by email.

The Skeletal Structure

  • Each of the numbers below is it's own paragraph.
  • You'll use this structure throughout the entire course.
  1. Introduction
  2. Scope/Summary
  3. Literature Review
  4. Theory
  5. Analysis 1
  6. Analysis 2
  7. Conclusion
  • Stage 1 will focus on items 2 (Scope/Summary) and 3 (Literature Review)

1st Stage

    TWO parts to stage 1: Scope and Lit Review:
  • Write a
    scope/summaryThis tells us the subject that the paper will talk about
    , #2 above (~ 5 minutes)
    • Choose a subject: any object on the planet that DOES NOT have electronics and that can be carried around by a a person, such as a stick, or a pencil, or a purse, or a __________.
    • Ask me on trillian if you are unsure about your subject
    • Write three to five sentences about your subject.
    • Imagine I am an alien who just landed on the planet and I have no idea what that subject is.

  • Write the
    Literature ReviewAny good literature review surveys and/or cross -connects the most appropriate and pertinent articles and books to inform readers of the important writings and scholarship concerning your subject.
    (~15 minutes)
    • This paragraph will answer this basic question: What are three articles on the web about your subject?
    • In 3 to 5 sentences, briefly summarize at least three sources that discuss your subject.
    • Don’t quote the pieces; just talk about them.
    • Give these four elements for each source: author, "article title," Website Name, and summary.
  • Example:
    • Jim Spencer in his article "Surfing the Summer" on the website ABC.News.Go discusses the surf culture along Florida’s coasts. Susan Gomez in the article "Hang Ten" on the website covers the connection of surfers to the environment. In another article, David Womack in his article "Salt Life" on the website refers to the wider beach culture of which surfers are a part.
  • Caveats
    • Don't use web pages that are merely selling items.
    • The articles must be flowing text articles, not bulleted information such as these pages on my site.
    • Find articles on websites that have human names as authors (no nicknames). If the article does not have an author name, find a different article.
    • NEVER use encyclopaedias or dictionaries.
    • Just skimming the articles is fine enough for our practice of creating a skeletal research paper; no need to read and absorb all of it at this level.

  • Clean-up

  • Email it
    • Send the document with a proper file name;
    • add the words Stage1 after the assignment name in the file name:
    • LastnameMiniResearch1Stage1.docx

  • Move on...
    • After you've sent it, don't wait for a reply. Move on to the 2nd stage.
    • Stage 2