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Level 2

The Purple Paper
  • To stretch language as far as possible into hyperbole and sensationalism.

Paint the Anti-Science Paper Purple

  • Save the original draft of the Anti-Science paper that you sent to me
  • You'll need that original for both the Purple Paper and the next assignment after this, the APA paper.
  • Fact and information can stay in it, but those must be wrapped in words that are so purple I want to puke
  • Length: Whatever length the paper turns into is fine, but it should obviously be longer than your Anti-Science Paper.
  • Purple Prose means overly elegant, flowery, poetic language.
  • Originally called Purple Patch (latin, pannus purpureus)
  • Purple Prose tries to instil emotion, sometimes overly sentimental emotion, in the reader.
  • Purple Prose uses many adjectives and adverbs to excite the sentence and make it seem more dramatic than it is.
  • Hyperbole is often home in Purple Prose.
  • Fact, truth, and information are secondary (though should not be cut out)
  • Why say in 10 words what you could blow up to 30 words!
    Examples from former papers
  • "Despite the worries, people are finding ways of coping with life during the pandemic"
  • That statement is factual, but it needs some purple.
  • "Even though they are riddled with worries, panicked people are desperately seeking ways to quickly handle the extreme new conditions in a pandemic life with the horrible virus called Covid-19."