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Level 1

The Anti-Science Paper


  • To create a baseline of your writing ability.

Write a 500 to 750 word paper

  • I am going to give very little direction for this paper, as one of the aims of this assignment is to see where each of you is in your writing (in regards to grammar and syntax).
  • Here's the set up: Pretend you are writing something that will be put into a time capsule and opened 25 years from now.
  • You are not only talking to your future self but also to any non-science person who may read the writing.
  • Write about your view of and experience (either personal or what you've read) with the clash of scientific and lay-person ideas and beliefs concerning any specific area of science
    • Choose one specific topic, such as flat-earth, or anti-vax, or anti-mask, or covid deniers, or essential oils, etc. If you are unsure, you can ask me about your topic.
  • Organize the subject you choose into a list of various sub-clashes, and use those items on that list as different paragraphs.

Do not get help!

  • Do not get help with this paper.
  • I need to see what you can and cannot do with writing. Having someone edit it for you defeats that purpose.

Submitting the assignment

  • You can submit assignments any time (you do not need to wait for the "due date" in the schedule.)
  • Review the email submission protocols before submitting.
  • Email: Do not write anything in the body of the email when you send the assignment.
  • Put the appropriate information in the email's subject line (see email protocol).
  • Name the Word file correctly (see email protocols)
  • Attach the assignment as a word document