Composition 2

Syllabi and Schedules

for Fall 2019

Monday & Wednesday Composition 2

Tuesday & Thursday Composition 2



The assignments in this course are pass/redo

  • When you finish (PASS) one assignment, you can move onto turning in the next assignment.
  • If you do not PASS the assignment, the assignment must be redone until passable.


  • There are no deadlines for assignments in the course.
  • However, no assignment, or set of assignments (see below), can be turned in until the previous ones have obtained a PASS.
  • There is, though, a time limit to the course; the last day of class.
  • Since only ONE assignment can be turned in at a time, you could, and people have, simply run out of enough time to obtain a better grade in the course.
  • No assignment can be turned in during Final Exam Week (except the Final exam itself).

Instruction and Extra Help

  • The only deadlines in the course are mine for me; that is, for when I discuss the next assignment in-class.
  • I only give instructions of assignments on the days and times listed in the course schedule.
  • If you cannot come to class on an other day and time than your registered time, you will need to see a Writing Consultant in the Learning Lab.

Graded papers returned by...

  • If an assignment is turned in according to the dates on the ghost schedule, I will have that graded on the same day or by the next class meeting.
  • If an assignment is turned in after the dates on the ghost schedule, it may be ghosted and float unseen for up to a week.

Film as/ is/in/ Narrative

    Choosing a film or TV serial
  • You will need to choose a film or TV serial that you will write about all term.


Level ONE: Tropes

Level TWO: New Historicism

Level THREE: Allegory of the Cave

Level FOUR: Class Consciousness

Level FIVE: Class Struggle theory paper

Level SIX: Existentialism

Level SEVEN: Ecocriticism

Level EIGHT: De(Con)struct/ing the Title

Level NINE: Term Paper

Level TEN: Presentation

Level ELEVEN: Final Exam