Level 9

LEVEL NINE: APA Research Paper

  • Passing this assignment secures a course grade of "B".


  • To understand the differences in MLA and APA by changing the MLA paper into an APA paper


The 4 changes

  1. Remove Yourself
    • Do not use these words: you, I, my, myself, we, and us.
    • Remove hyperbolic language: (subjective adjectives and adverbs)
    • Remove subjective observations
  2. Format
    • See the APA paper examples
    • Use a Title page
    • Abstract page (what was the introduction in the MLA paper).
    • Use Subheads above each section
    • Remove Scope
    • Create a new and short introduction; do NOT copy and paste part of the old introduction
    • Remove transitions between sections (keep the transitions between analysis paragraphs)
  3. Reference Page
  4. In-text Dates
    • Use dates immediately after author names (1997) in literature review
    • Remove quoted material; use paraphrasing. For the MLA paper, if you had set up the quotes correctly, those set-up sentences you wrote before the colon should be the paraphrasing you need; just replace the colon with a period and delete the quoted material.
    • Use dates AFTER paraphrasing in the body of the paper (1992)