Curriculum Vita

Getting into your next years of school after EFSC will be competitive. You are going through school within one of the largest bubbles of students in our history. To compete, other schools want to know you can do more than just sit attentively in classes. A well-rounded curriculum vita shows that you can do more than sit.
  • A curriculum vita means "course of life"
  • A Vita shows off how much you have accomplished in life.
  • For all entries below, you decide the order you want them in: preference is newest at the top of the list


  • Former and current
  • List last level at School, the school, and year
  • Freshman, Eastern Florida State College, 2017
  • Graduate, Blah-Blah High School, year
  • Graduate, Blah-Blah High School, Expected Graduation month and year


  • Education, not awards
  • Examples: CPR, computer training--anything that was a training and you were certified
  • List by title of certificate, what organization gave it to you, where you got it, and year
  • CPR, Red Cross, Titusville High School, 2017

Awards, Honors, Appreciations.

  • List any trophy, award, etc.
  • This category is not only about winning; it is also about being honored by others
  • List team awards if you were part of the team
  • Do not list Honors courses.
  • List by name of award, who gave it to you, and the year
  • "Appreciation for Participation", Relay for Life, 2017

Extracurricular Activities

  • Team activities
  • Clubs
  • Any formal or non-profit group.
  • Do NOT list hobbies unless they are with a verifiable group.
  • List title, group name, place of group, year
  • List the same group more than once if you had a different title during a different year
  • Member, SGA, Titusville Campus BCC, 2016, 2017
  • President, SGA, Titusville Campus BCC, 2017

Community volunteering

  • List only those places that people could call or write to in order to verify your hours.
  • List by your role, organization's name or project where you volunteered, with what group, year ( + hours)
  • Technical Assistant, Titusville Playhouse, 2015-current (200+ hours)
  • Volunteer, Keep Brevard Beautiful, for Titusville High School, 2016, (10+ hours)


  • Publications are only those that had an editorial review of some sort
  • List title of piece, publication, publisher, year
  • "Sing a Song of Sixpennies", Chapped Booklet, Brevard Community College, 2016
  • Conferences are not competitions; they are meetings of the mind.
  • Conferences are not product conventions.
  • List your role at conference, the name of the conference, the governing body, the place it was held, year
  • Attendee, "MLA Convention," Modern Language Association, Chicago, IL, 2016.

Association Memberships

  • List only dues papying memberships to non-profit organizations
  • Include dues paying collegiate societies
  • List by your title, organization and year; campus or group (if appropriate)
  • list each one more than once if you held an office
  • Member, Phi Theta Kappa, Brevard Community College -- Titusville Campus, 2017
  • President, Phi Theta Kappa, Brevard Community College -- Titusville Campus, 2017.