In-Class Challenges


  1. Challenges are done in the first ten minutes of Monday/Tuesday class
    • If you are late, do NOT expect time to do the challenge.
    • Being late to class counts as a 1/2 absence.
  2. Everyone present in the room must attempt the challenge.
  3. After the challenge, I will cover the subject for 10 minutes.
  4. You'll know your score by the next class meeting.
  5. 80% or higher is passing.
  6. Passing a challenge grants you a one day pass for attendance.
  7. If you use a pass to leave early or come late, the pass is used up; no pro-rating of passes allowed.
  8. If you did not pass the first time (on Monday/Tuesday), you can retake the same challenge on Wednesday/Thursday.
  9. You cannot retake a challenge on two consecutive days.

The Challenges

  • See class schedule for dates of each challenge
    • List the order of the parts of a research paper
  • Squeeze out the pus...words
    • Identify the pus words in the passage
  • Identify In-text Citations
    • Using an example, determine correct and incorrect citations .
  • List and Identify Pus
    • List all 14 pus words and identify both explicit and hidden pus words
  • Comma Coma
    • Place or remove commas correctly
  • Prove it!
    • Identify the subjective statements not allowed in APA
  • Make a fragment
    • Identify and eradicate full sentences, turning them into bullet point fragments