Composition 1

Syllabi and Schedules

for Fall 2019





The assignments in this course are pass/redo

  • When you finish (PASS) one level of assignments, you can move onto turning in the next level's assignments.
  • If you do not PASS an assignment, the assignment must be redone until passable.


  • There are no deadlines for assignments in the course.
  • However, no level of assignments (see below), can be turned in until the previous ones have obtained a PASS.
  • There is, though, a time limit to the course; the end of semester's last day of class, and I DO NOT accept multiple level's assignments at once .
  • Check the C grade Hard Dates deadlines on the schedule.
  • No assignment can be turned in during Final Exam Week (except the Final exam itself).

Instruction and Extra Help

  • The only deadlines in the course are mine for me; that is, I adhere to the schedule concerning when I discuss the next assignment in-class.
  • I only give instructions of assignments on the days and times listed in the course schedule.
  • If you cannot come to class or are late on a day when I give the next assignment's discussion, you will need to see a Writing Consultant in the Learning Lab for assistance .

Graded papers are returned by...

  • the same day if an assignment is turned in at the start of class according to the dates on the ghost schedule.
  • up to one week later if an assignment is turned in after the dates on the ghost schedule.


  • I do not keep attendance records; the only record I have is the dates of complete assignments. If you miss a class, you must come to another section where I discuss the assignment that you missed or see a Writing Consultant in the Learning Lab for instruction.

The Game


TUTORIAL: Formatting

LEVEL ONE: Two Small Papers

LEVEL TWO: Tracking Sheets 1, 2

    SIDE QUEST: Placement Form

    You cannot turn in LEVEL FOUR: Tracking Sheets 5, 6 until I have a copy of your Placement Form.

LEVEL THREE: Tracking Sheets 3, 4

LEVEL FOUR: Tracking Sheets 5, 6

    SIDE QUEST: Midterm / MLA & APA PUS Pass

    • You MUST attempt the midterm ONE time
    • You do NOT need to pass the midterm to succeed in the course.
    • Passing the midterm grants you a badge for free use of 20 pus words on the MLA paper and the APA paper. (Without passing the midterm, you can have NO pus words in the MLA paper or the APA paper.)
    • You can take the midterm as many times as it is offered to pass it; see schedule
    • Midterm Directions and Rubric.
    • YOU will need to set an appointment if you have been told to take your test in the Learning Lab.

LEVEL FIVE: Tracking Sheets 7, 8

LEVEL SIX: Tracking Sheets 9, 10


    • Before you can turn in LEVEL SEVEN, you must tell me your path for LEVEL TEN
    • See here
    • Are doing the 25 Volunteer hours OR are you doing the presentation and Portfolio
    • Turn in the attached document stating which path you choose for LEVEL TEN: Service-Learning or Stay the Course.

LEVEL SEVEN: MLA Annotated Bibliography

LEVEL EIGHT: MLA Research Paper

LEVEL NINE: APA Research Paper


  • Complete LEVEL TEN for an "A" in the course.
  • Choose one the two following options:
    1. Stay the Course.
    2. Service-Learning.
    • Pass the Presentation assignment
    • Pass the Portfolio
    • Pass the Final Exam
    • See this page for more information on the presentation and the portfolio.
    • Complete 25 hours of Volunteering before Final Exam Week.
    • Pass the Final Exam
    • See this pagefor more information.

    SIDE QUEST: Final Exam Pass

    • You DO NOT need to do the extra credit.
    • By doing one of the two following options, you can obtain a pass to NOT have to take the final exam.
    • For the Final Exam Pass attend either:
    • 1) All 4 of the soft skills seminars.
    • or 2) attend 2 of the soft skills seminars and Complete the MyPlan Assessment in the Career Center.


Other Gameplay Resources

Scoring, Rubric, and Rewrites

  • If you need to fix/ rewrite an assignment, you MUST turn in the previous attempt with the fixed new one.
  • Most assignments in the course are passable with only one or two errors of the assignment's rubric. More than two serious errors would need a rewrite to fix the errors.
  • If you truly must rely on numerical scoring, you can see the following page.
  • Scoring and Rubric for All Assignments

Sources for Citations

Curriculum Vita