4th Credit Option

Why would I do this?

For Composition 1

  • You will be exempt from the final exam
  • You will not have to do a Presentation
  • You will not have to do the Portfolio.

What extra work do I have to do?

  • A total of 25 hours of volunteer work for the semester. (In Composition 1, you must do 10 hours for the course before turning in the MLA paper, and the other 15 before Final Exam Week.)
  • A one-time, 45 minute seminar with Sarah Woodring: time and dates TBA
  • In Composition 1, the extra assignment is part of the MLA paper

Do I have to pay for this?

  • You do not need to pay for the privilege of exempting yourself from the exam and presentation.
  • Anyone in my Composition 1 can do all of the necessary extra work and exempt themselves from the presentation, portfolio, and exam.
  • If you want to do the free 4th credit option, you need not read any further.
  • However, if you want to receive credit toward your electives, you'll need to sign up for the one credit in ENC 2948, which costs the same as a one credit course.

Who can sign up and pay for the one credit ENC 2948?

Have you already done a 4th Credit Option in an ENC course (in either Composition 1 or Composition 2)

    If YES (I have already done a 4th Credit Option in ENC)
  • You cannot do a second one for this course.
    If NO (I have NOT already done a 4th Credit Option in ENC)
  • You may sign up and pay for the 4th Credit Option.

Are there other courses that I can do a 4th Credit Option in?

  • Yes, ask your instructors or Sarah Woodring in the Center for Service Learning.
  • Note: You can only do a total of THREE 4th Credit Options and those THREE must have different course prefixes.

How do I enroll in a 4th Credit Option to obtain credit?

  1. Register with an advisor for ENC 2948 BEFORE the deadline of Thursday, September 20th, 2018.
  2. Obtain and fill in a 4th credit option contract from the Center for Service Learning.
  3. Have me sign it.
  4. Return paperwork to Center for Service Learning