I think of what a perfect experience WILL soon be like and seek out that experience
I wait until after an experience to reflect on it and judge it

I jump into experiences for the sake of experiencing)
I have a set of ideal situations and I seek them out)

Emotion is simply a reactionary event to stimuli and duress
Emotion is an expression, like a bursting well or a spring of intense force

I often have and hold popular-held beliefs of relationships or happiness
I often reject (ignore) popular beliefs

I seek one side of a states of being and reject the other: seek joy/ reject depression, seek love/ reject hate, seek beauty/ reject ugly
I seek a duality of, or many of, emotions as a sensation of experience: there is pain in joy, beauty in the ugly, love within hate

Life is about becoming the bold and the beautiful
Life is about any experience of any kind: all life is beautiful

Using just logic is cowardly and ugly
Reject anything ugly; avoid any cowardice

"Mystic" perception of nature; Nature causes intense experiences
Think of Nature as setting for perfect experiences to happen in, or...nature...yuck...that's bugs and dirt

I daydream, plan, and think about experiences that I seek to have
I reflect and think on experiences I have had

Platonic Love is a close friend without sex
Platonic Love is spiritual attachment to one another

I leave myself open to random people and places.
I control who my friends are, the places I go, and the people around me

The proper use of things is more important than what something means
The meaning of something is more important than what something is useful for

I think that individuals who never attempt to rise above society are scary
I think that individuals who never attempt to be in a relationship are scary

I consider my views and ideas as part of, but not necessarily the same as, others' views, such as friends, family, and community
I center my views and ideas relative to others' views, such as friends, family, and community.

I often think of my experience by how it will be posted to social media as a picture, selfie, or video.
I sometimes believe the weather shifts and changes according to my moods

I believe people use reason and then use emotion
I believe people use emotion and then use reason

I have a specific ideal of the good life.
I prefer living in remote or isolated wilderness or open country

My views of romance are usually in stories of the past, such as princes and other histories.
My views of romance come mostly from romantic novels and films.

I prefer movies about Ancient Rome
I prefer movies about the Middle Ages

I seek to climb to the highest social and economic class possible
I seek the growth of humanitarianism and equality over my own growth

I belong to a specific church or religion. I am religious
I do not belong to a church or religion; I have a personal spiritualism, or... none at all.

Death and dying is a depressing subject that is best avoided when possible.
Death and dying is a wonderfully terrifying thought to ponder, and I enjoy doing so.

The word "irrational" has a negative sound to it.
Seeking the "irrational" allows me to have a better imagination

In excitable experiences, I tend to hold back emotional and sensual actions and focus on rational thinking
In excitable experiences, I tend to let loose emotional and sensual actions and avoid rational thinking

People should check their passion and express it suitably.
All of life should focus on passions and the release of passions.

Romance (sexual or not) is a wonderful form of rising above the material world to the spiritual.
Romance (sexual or not) is a wonderful form of escapism from the harshness of reality.

My imagination mostly attempts to understand higher truths.
My imagination mostly helps me imagine what things I want and the life I want to live

If given free-time, I seek the weird and mysterious
If given free time, I seek excitement to avoid the drudgery of everyday life.

A romantic hero is a lone wandering adventurer with little to no deep ties to anyone or any place.
A romantic hero in a story often falls in love and saves others from loneliness and drudgery

Change is wanted so I can obtain a better life; then, please, little to no change is needed
Continual change is living; I would rather life change for the worse than have things stay safe and secure.

Spontaneity must always exist in every moment
By being occasional spontaneous, I can find something that leads to eventual happiness and security.

Beauty is a life truly lived, even dog-poo is beautiful, squishing accidentally between one's toes.
I have an ideal of a beautiful life and a notion of beauty, such as baby-poo being a necessary ugliness.

We all should be both innocent and experienced continually.
People begin life innocent and gain experience

When giving friends advice, I often use psychological terms and self-help ideas,
When giving friends advice, I often refer to stories and myths.

Artists are creators of reality.
Artists need to be, or think they are, rebels outside of society

Through imagination, I can understand ideas and views that I had not yet heard from others.
Through imagination, I can contrive a better way of doing something or achieving something

In a romance story, the two people are separated in some way and they can never be together.
In a romance story, the two people destined to be together eventually end up together

A romance is more about the feelings a person carries throughout life for another person
A romance is more about the relationship and bond that forms between people

I prefer vacations to be out in nature
I prefer vacations at a resort

I tend to dress in style or what is expected
I tend to dress in what fits my mood of the day

I want to finish school so I can get out of the same old rut I live in now.
I want to finish school so I can finally obtain the life I have always wanted

If I were to write a poem to someone, it would be to express how I felt.
If I were to write a poem to someone, it would express how I feel