Themes in Humanities: Post-Apocalyptic

Syllabi and Schedules for Fall 2016
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  • Coma (2017)
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    Subjects and Theories of Abstracts

    Name Story/Narrative Theory
    Nolan Coldiron Fallout 4 Gendered Player Characters O
    Kurt Penca Star Trek Franchise Utopia Erosion United Federationof Identity Politics: The Changes in Utopian Idealism from the Original Series to Star Trek: Beyond and its Newest Edition, Discovery
    Nykholas Quinones ?? Romantic vs. Sentimental Dancing in the Dark: The Conflict of Romantic and Sentimental Ideas in the Internet Apocalypse Trilogy
    Brandon Shepard Mad Max Franchise Ozploitation The Furious Road to Ozploitation: Examining the Culture Stereotypes within Mad Max: Fury Road
    Jacob McMullen The Talos Principle Game Based Learning Afterlife or Trancendence: How The Talos Principle Uses Principles of Game-Based Learning to Intrigue the Playeryt
    Sierra Zeiders Gattaca and others Transhumanism Build-abear...or..Build-a-baby: Examining Transhumanism in Science Fiction from Gattaca to Star Trek: INto Darkness
    Sevan McBride The 100 and Between "New Adult" Genre (Apocalyptic) Fighting Civilization, Not Acne: The New Adult Genre and Twentysomethings in The Between and The 100
    Rodney Rich Wayward Pines Incest/Taboo Keeping it in the Family: Examining the Changing Portrayal of Incest within Wayward Pines and Game of Thrones
    Nils Last of Us and Bioshock ?? O
    Tom Foster Edge of Tomorrow and ARQ Dark Humor and Comedic Relief Malicious Humorous Death: How Edge of Tomorrow and ARQ Explore Death and Dying through Dark Comedy
    Brandon Hare Fallout 4 Marc Prensky, Digital Natives I'll Stop the World: Using Prensky to explore RPG's Influence on Increasing Procrastination in Gamer Culture
    Jon Howard Superman, (1978) Superman Returns, and Batman vs. Superman DSM 5: Sociopaths Superman's Dawn of Sociopathic Injustice: How the DSM's New Criteria Diagnoses Superman as a Sociopath
    Joanna Thompson The True Meaning of Smekday Prejudice Let's be Friends: Prejudice in The True Meaning of Smekday
    Eli Mullican Marvel Cinematic Universe Divergent and Convergent Thinking Artful Stealing and Convergent Dodging: Analyzing Divergent and Converent Thinking in Creative Control, Temp Music, and Stealing Like an Artist
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